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Tag: career in journalism

Apr 26
5 Scopes Of Pursuing BJMC After Class 12th

The field of Journalism and Mass Media and Communication is more than just working in the news. There are a whole plethora of opportunities that one can look into once they start studying for it. There is a wide scope out there for the students who choose BJMC after their class 12th.  Good command over […]

Mar 29
How to be a journalist after 12th?

How to be a journalist after the 12th class. Journalists, News Anchors, and professionals in mass media have an immense responsibility towards the public of their country to deliver prompt and authentic news. It is a profession that requires a lot of boldness and a lot of knowledge, of the past, present, and possibilities of […]

May 08
7 tips for career in journalism after 12th

Journalism is a very important aspect in today’s world. It is not only a crucial factor in spreading news but also has been a platform for a lot of creative people. Also, a career in journalism after 12th has grown and includes a number of sub-areas under it. These may include news reporter, newspaper, film […]