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Tag: college life

Mar 30
College Societies And Its Benefits

Students have so many assumptions about college societies. How to join college societies? How to crack an interview for college societies? How to choose this according to your interest? What is the effect of college societies? Did college society’s affect our Academics? etc. This Article clears all your doubts related to college society and its […]

Sep 10
Renounce Worldwide Colleges for MBA in Human Resource

An MBA in Human Resource is a two-year curriculum. It centres on recruiting, management and guidance for employees working in the organization. An MBA in HR provides training and management information for the company’s employees. HR courses are focused on MBA. MSc courses are also available. However, certain business schools provide HR programs as part […]

Aug 10
Skills With College Students Can Learn While Studying

Earning/Learning while studying is very beneficial for any student in terms of financial help and overall development as well. But here the question raises what skills students can earn before degree completion. Although there are so many benefits of earning while studying, the most important benefit is experience. The experience you will get while earning […]

Jul 16
Why a student should go to College

Every student Dream to study in college after the completion of school. Every time students study in school, parents and your elder siblings tell you that college life is something which everyone should experience. Now the question is raised: why should students go to college? What is the reason behind it? This Article clears your Doubts […]

Sep 28
How to manage everything in college

College is probably that time of an individual’s growth when everyone feels a little overwhelmed. With a lot on the plate, the students feel difficulty in deciding what to focus and whatnot. The young adults, when are just fresh out high school realize they are suddenly placed in an environment different than before. Sometimes they […]

Sep 02
Remember This Before You Set Out For College

Be it IIMs, IITs or any other public/central universities or government colleges. Entrance tests to the top colleges in India is always a hard nut to crack. First of all, cheers to all of you who have made the admission into the premier institutes. Also, here we are going to tell you about what all you […]

Jul 17
Things to do in Delhi University (DU) for a wholesome experience

It is a known fact that Delhi University has the best academic courses across subjects. It has the best courses in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering subjects, physical sciences, and commerce subjects.  Most of the students with a high percentage (that is more than 90) get admission in Delhi University colleges. Someone with a […]