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Sep 17
Things to know about hotel management

Do you like a career full of diversity and challenges ? Then the hotel management is the right career option for you. “What are the hotel Management courses after 12th?” This is often the primary thing that crosses your brain when you decide to pursue a hotel management course. With globalization, the hotel management industry […]

Sep 04
Important points About Company Secretary Course

If you love to play with numbers 1,2,3,4… doing addition, subtraction, divisions, and so-on. Where Profits and Losses attract you and Balance Sheet makes you feel happy. I guess I’m talking to a CS aspirant. Company Secretary is a renowned and prestigious professional course. The popularity of CS courses is increasing day by among students. […]

Sep 03
Important points to know about CA course

CA- A two-letter word containing struggle and failure, holding oceans of desires, reputation in society, and dreams of family and oneself. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT a degree that needs numerous amounts of hard work, dedication, focus, leaving all those festivals and trips beside and studying for hours, getting early in the morning, and staying awake late nights, […]

Aug 24
Programs offered by IIM Lucknow

this article will tell you about the Indian institute of management and technology LUCKNOW. it will will give you information regarding their goals, their missions, their values and about the history of the university. you will get to know about the courses and programs offered by the university to their students and their eligibility criteria and duration of the course and the programs name. what kind of program it is and is it suitable according to students interest or not.

Jun 14
7 best reasons for pursuing MBA Degree

MBA salaries are some of the highest on the job market Pursuing MBA degree and after pursuing it from any top ranked Universities it became easy for an professional to start up their career with a good job with high salary. Among the benefits of MBA degree job security and high salary are some of […]