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Tag: education system

Nov 07
All about Indian Education System

Introduction The individuals who learn at schools, colleges, universities can upgrade their insight utilizing the instructive writing, reference book, references, word references, information bases, which are uninhibitedly gotten to, taking an interest in separation instructive courses, in cooperative activities with understudies from different schools, colleges, nations, talking about various issues with them. Thus, the chances, […]

Oct 24
Is there a need for grades in modern education

Quick Comparison with Traditional Education  In the previous years, India had Gurukuls, where the teachers and the students used to live together, collecting food, weapons, learning the language, and gaining religious values. They lived in an atmosphere in which they had trouble surviving and learning skills that were cultural and educational.  How many of you […]

Sep 12
Education in the time of the pandemic

As per the reports of the UNESCO, over 1.3 billion students have been affected during this pandemic. Even though schools and institutions are trying to balance and adjust the academics part through onlineclasses, the students are still trampling to move ahead with the ‘new’ normal. Even though students are bearing this feeling of uncertainty in […]

Sep 07
Education System of USA

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is said to have the best education system. The USA has a literacy rate of 86%. The US education system is considered to be the best because it provides flexibility to students. The US education system allows students to choose subjects as per their interest. Education in the United States […]