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Tag: Failures

Aug 22
5 Important lessons to learn from failure

Small or big, we have all faced the failure in our face. Be it academics, playground, relationships, business, or any other thing, we have all experienced failures that rock our world. We all make mistakes, and at times we fail. Failure is life's great teacher; it's nature's knife that whittles away at all the excess, shredding down egos as it molds and shapes us through divine intentions. It's through failure that we learn the most significant lessons that life could teach us.

Oct 12
Ways to cope up with failure

If you want to know how you can cope up with failure, you are in the right place. “Never let success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart.” Each and every person in this world thinks about success and even work hard for it. Everyone wants success in their field and […]