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Tag: Gen Z kids

Oct 18
How to attain a better reach among the generation Z

Generation Z is all about uniqueness and variance. And with the abundance of products available all around them, it becomes very hard to find out what actually interests them. It is very important to understand that their choices actually influence the global market today. It is their viewpoints and satisfies their wants. This age group […]

Sep 29
Are the Gen Z kids over with reading books?

Reading was once a part of important recreational activities. It used to be something the children, the teenager’s and even the young adults used to love to do. There was no rush on using mobile phones or playing computer games. Life was pretty simple if seen from the young adult viewpoint. However, in today’s changing time,  […]

Sep 25
Are the Gen Z kids ahead of their times

Who are the Gen Z kids ? The kids born after the year of 1996 are the kids of the generation Z. However, the Gen Z kids are not the millennials. The millennials are the ones from generation Y, who came during the time of great recession around the globe. However, after the Covid-19 hit, […]