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Tag: give up

Oct 19
Signs that you are insecure about yourself

If you want to know if you are insecure about yourself, you are in the right place. Everyone wants a perfect or at least simple life that consists of dear family members, loving friends, a caring partner and few goals in life to achieve. But when things fall apart or don’t go according to how […]

Oct 16
Impact on students when parents create career pressure

If you want to know what impact students mind have when parents create career pressure, you are in the right place. Students are obviously the future of this growing generation as well as this country. And every student doesn’t face the same situation to grow up. There are lots of problems that every student faces, […]

Oct 05
Signs that a person is suicidal

If you want to know about the signs to know if a person is suicidal, you are in the right place. This pandemic is snatching away lots of lives of our closed ones. After that, there’s no option left rather than standing and wondering what just happened to us. No matter how hard we wish […]