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Tag: internship

Dec 07
Top 25 Questions Asked In Internship Interviews

WHAT IS AN INTERVIEW? – Interview is recognized as a process which is structured to accumulate necessary information from a candidate through oral communication medium. Interview can be described as a series of questions asked by an interviewee to extract out oral response to assess the capability of a candidate. A classic interview procedure inculcates […]

Jul 30
Best Off Campus online Job Portals for Freshers&Graduates

In this blog, I’m going to tell you some of the best online job portals focusing more on the IT jobs for freshers and graduates. Freshers can be the ones who are pursuing degree or the fresh pass outs. Graduates can be fresh pass outs or pass outs 1+ years ago. That is the reason, […]

Jul 21
Job opportunities for working professionals pursuing MBA

By having an MBA degree paycheck has a probability of increasing from 30% to 70% per annum. Most people pursue an MBA for good pay job but it is good to master skills in the profession you are already in and expand yourself in that particular field unless you are interested in an MBA. As […]