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Tag: knowledge

Mar 09
importance of listening skills for class 10th students

In this article, we will discuss some of the points which will highlight the importance of listening skills for class 10th students. IMPORTANCE OF LISTENING SKILLS FOR CLASS 10th STUDENTS. Listening is considered to be one of the key aspects for any student to be successful. Without listening properly, they will be unable to receive the whole […]

Oct 26
Know what your music taste says about your personality

If you want to know what your music taste says about your personality, you are in the right place. Music is a part of our life because it directly gets connected with our souls. Music becomes the only saviour and pays respect to certain feelings that we go through every particular time. I guess every […]

Oct 17
4 Ways to gain good marks in boards exams

If you want to know about ways to gain good marks in boards, you are in the right place. Belonging to this education system, the most important criteria that are required to be a member of the good and studious student is to score great marks in exam in spite of the fact whether you […]

Oct 16
The actual meaning of knowledge

Do you know the actual meaning of knowledge? Knowledge, a word that has a different meaning and is differently understood by different people. For some it may be just the bookish language, for some, it may be genuinely learning various things and properly understanding it. It is the key to success. As it helps in […]

Oct 02
Imagination is more important than intelligence

Human is a reasoning creature. Nature has furnished a human individual with the capacity to think and decide. Additionally, humans can imagine, which might require intelligence. Imagination acts as the nourishment for intelligence to work upon. Imagination leads to unique ideas beyond reality in present circumstances, but it could become feasible in the future with […]

Jul 19
7 Ways Data Science Helps Working Professional

Data science is a very recent technology and is basically the study of data. It includes developing methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data to effectively extract useful information to be precise simple words. The principal purpose of Data Science is to find patterns within data and also to gain insights and knowledge from any […]