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Tag: Movies for science students

Jul 20
Some Best Fascinating Sci-fi movies to Watch

Making movies where the story line is based on the Advanced Sciences  or using the theories/concepts of it are called Sci-fi movies. Some of the concepts include Time-travel, Space travel, Extra-terrestrial life, Working on new Species etc.,        Every person feels excited if they hear any movie when it is an action packed one or any suspense-thriller. Most of the Sci-fi movies are action packed or suspense-thriller or both. Watching those movies increases the scope of  knowledge of the student and imagination skills. He/She may get inspired from what…

Jun 13
7 Science Fiction movies on Prime for science students

Science fiction movies are a perfect escape from the chains of reality. And if looked carefully, there could be a source of motivation and innovation. In fact, specially for science student, these Science fiction movies can be entertaining as well as encouraging . Hence, we at CareerGuide.com have made a special list for science students. […]