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Tag: online teaching

Oct 16
Benefits of online education for the students

Online learning always remains at a peak. It is also compared with the old type of online education system to denounce not to be very successful but this COVID -19 situation changed everyone’s thought. In this pandemic the only way to educate students is e-learning, this COVID -19 situation taught us that e-learning is successful […]

Sep 10
Is online teaching the new ultimatum?

In the changing lights of the pandemic and with the rising numbers of infections, most schools and institutions are turning the online way to carry forward with their curriculum. It is being accessed as the most preferable alternative to the traditional mode of teaching. Some schools have even started taking online exams and assignments by […]

Jul 12
5 Best Work From Home Jobs for Working Professional

Everyone knows that we all are facing difficult times today. Due to this global pandemic, most of us are not able to go to work and many of us are losing our jobs on daily basis. Now that we have to stay at home, why shouldn’t we utilize this time to be productive and earn […]