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Tag: sex education for childs

Nov 29
Social Media: Bridge or Barrier to Education

Let me ask you a few questions to find out if you have fallen prey to social media: When was the last time you uploaded a picture on Facebook, Instagram, or any other site? When was the last time you clicked a real trending picture with all the beauty apps available?When was the last you […]

Sep 28
Homosexuality and its acceptance among the Indian youth

Today, the Indian youth is having and making conversations about homosexuality and queer groups like never before. Not only conversations but also the acceptance and awareness is rising with every passing day. However, if we talk about the awareness of the LGBTQ community inside the household environment, the freedom to express one’s gender is still […]

Sep 09
The fuss of sex education in teenagers

Yes, you heard it right SEX EDUCATION. We live in a society where nobody talks about it, that what is sex, or why it is necessary to be taught. We always try to run away from truths just because of being “Judged”. So here is the definition of what really SEX EDUCATION is, This is […]