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Tag: social media barriers

Jul 06
Negative effects of social media on students

In this growing era of social media in teenagers and students, it is necessary to know whether social media does more positive or negative to mental health. According to a report on students almost 95% of teens have smartphones, and about 75% of teens are on various social networking sites and, about 85% are on YouTube. Here […]

  • College Life
Apr 27
Social Media: a Barrier for 12th Students

Being a 12th class student is undoubtedly one of the most important times of a student’s life. They are constantly being told how this single year plays a huge part in shaping their future and it rightly does so. Although class 12th students have a lot on their plate- everything from regular classes at school, coaching classes […]

Nov 29
Social Media: Bridge or Barrier to Education

Let me ask you a few questions to find out if you have fallen prey to social media: When was the last time you uploaded a picture on Facebook, Instagram, or any other site? When was the last time you clicked a real trending picture with all the beauty apps available?When was the last you […]

Sep 28
Today’s youth need to talk of cybercrime

Cybercrime in simple words refers to any crime that happens over the use of any electronic device with the use of the internet. It is a crime that can happen against an individual or a group of people almost affecting their mental health of bringing to the other kinds of trauma that may affect their […]

Sep 26
Social Media Rules

Social media was developed to unite like-minded individuals – those blended with personal and professional interests, generate job opportunities, marketing the resources, sharing and learning information, ideas, and knowledge in numerous ways across the globe. But with increasing digitalization and globalization, all it takes is one click to finish one’s life. The adverse effects of […]

Jun 11
Social media: A barrier for 9th students

Every coin has 2 faces & understanding each face is very necessary. Likewise, social media also has 2 faces: it’s a boon as well as a bane to the students. Social media are the most tempting platforms to connect people around the globe. These social media have created this huge globe in a small town […]