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Tag: suicide

Nov 06
7 Common myths about suicide

Introduction Do you bring it up? What do you say? Is it better to not utter a word by…

Oct 28
9 Methods to prevent suicide

The self-destruction rate among adolescent young ladies arrived at an unequaled high…

Oct 28
Suicide: causes, warning signs and risk factors

Introduction One of the issues confronting adolescents in danger of self-destruction…

Oct 27
40 Facts about various aspects of suicide

Facts about various aspects of suicide have been discussed below. General facts 1.…

Oct 07
Cyberbullying: A Major Issue

Introduction Cyberbullying has gotten extensive consideration as a potential reason…

Oct 05
Signs that a person is suicidal

If you want to know about the signs to know if a person is suicidal, you are in the…

Oct 03
Social Media And Suicide Among Teenagers

Web-based media and self-destruction is a generally new marvel, which concerns online…

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