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Prize Money Scholarship 2022: Apply Online, Eligibility, 2020-21

The Prize Money Scholarship 2022 program, advertised by Prize Money Trusts, engages monetarily meriting understudies with fabulous scholastic records. Accessible for different levels of ponder counting UG, PG, and overseas, it offers merit-based and means-based grants covering educational cost, expenses, and other costs. Applications ordinarily open in December and include a multi-stage determination prepare centering on scholarly justify, monetary require, and potential. Keep in mind, the 2024-25 application period has closed, but remain tuned for following year’s opportunity!

Prize Money Scholarship 2022

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 Overview

Feature Details
Scholarship Name Prize Money Scholarship
Year 2024
Administered by Government of India (Department of Social Welfare)
Website https://swdservices.karnataka.gov.in/swprizemoney/Home.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2Fswprizemoney%2F
Application Status Open (as of February 27, 2024)
Target Audience Indian students pursuing professional courses (engineering, medicine, veterinary sciences, agriculture, etc.)
Award Amount INR 35,000
Selection Criteria Merit-based (previous academic performance)
Key Points * Highest financial assistance offered by the scheme for professional courses. * Requires various documents for application (Aadhaar card, bank details, etc.). * Application process done online through the official website.


  • Citizenship: Changeless inhabitant of Karnataka state, India
  • Category: SC/ST community
  • Age Restrain: No age restrain
  • Course Level: PUC (II), Undergrad (UG), Postgraduate (PG), Confirmation
  • Scholarly Execution: Least 60% marks within the final qualified exam
  • Sexual orientation Reservation: 30% of grants saved for minority young lady understudies

Extra Notes:

  • This grant is particularly outlined for understudies having a place to the SC/ST community in Karnataka State, India.
  • The grant points to back scholastically exceptional people confronting monetary restrictions to proceed their instruction.
  • If it’s not too much trouble allude to the official grant site or contact the scholarship supplier for the foremost up-to-date and exact data.

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 Important Dates

Scholarship NameApplication DeadlineAward AnnouncementSource
{Scholarship Name 1}{Application Deadline 1 (Month, Day, Year)}{Award Announcement Date 1 (Month, Day, Year) or timeframe}{Source Link 1}
{Scholarship Name 2}{Application Deadline 2 (Month, Day, Year)}{Award Announcement Date 2 (Month, Day, Year) or timeframe}{Source Link 2}
{Scholarship Name 3}{Application Deadline 3 (Month, Day, Year)}{Award Announcement Date 3 (Month, Day, Year) or timeframe}{Source Link 3}

Extra Notes:

  • This grant is particularly outlined for understudies having a place to the SC/ST community in Karnataka State, India.
  • The grant points to bolster scholastically extraordinary people confronting budgetary impediments to proceed their instruction.

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Citizenship/Residency: Open only to citizens or permanent residents of a specific country/state (may vary).
Academic Level: Open to students at specific academic levels (e.g., high school, undergraduate, graduate)
Field of Study: Available only to students pursuing specific academic majors or fields of study.
Minimum GPA: Requires a minimum grade point average (GPA) for academic performance.
Standardized Test Scores: May require minimum scores on standardized tests like ACT or SAT (not applicable to all).
Extracurricular Activities: May consider involvement in specific extracurricular activities, leadership roles, or community service.
Financial Need: Some scholarships might consider financial need or require applicants to demonstrate economic hardship.
Additional Requirements: Additional criteria may exist based on specific themes, research proposals, essays, or unique achievements related to the scholarship’s purpose.

Extra Notes:

  • Candidates must be enlisted in a recognized college or institution.
  • Other qualification criteria may apply, so it is significant to allude to the official grant site or contact the grant supplier for the foremost precise and up-to-date data.

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 Required Documents

Aadhaar CardGovernment issued ID proof
Caste CertificateValid caste certificate issued by the competent authority
Proof of ResidenceRation card, voter ID, domicile certificate, etc.
Mark SheetsAttested copies of all semesters’ mark sheets for previous courses
Bank DetailsBank passbook copy with IFSC code and account number
Passport Size PhotographLatest passport size photograph (digital or physical)

Extra Notes:

  • All records must be self-attested or validated by a gazetted officer.
  • Particular groups or prerequisites for archives may shift. Allude to the official grant site or contact the grant supplier for the foremost precise and up-to-date data.

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 Amount

Course LevelAward Amount
Undergraduate (UG)20,000
Postgraduate (PG)30,000
Professional Courses35,000

Critical notes:

  • These are fair assessed ranges and genuine sums may shift altogether.
  • The official site doesn’t unveil particular grant sums for each grant sort.
  • To induce a more exact thought of the potential grant sum, you’ll be able allude to the particular grant rules inside the application entry (right now closed).

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 Steps to apply online application

1. Find the scholarship: Identify the specific prize money scholarship program you’re interested in and gather information about the application process. This can be done through the program’s website, scholarship aggregator platforms, or relevant announcements.
2. Review eligibility requirements: Ensure you meet all the criteria outlined by the scholarship program. This might include factors like academic standing, field of study, financial need, or specific achievements.
3. Gather required documents: Prepare all the documents mentioned in the application instructions. These might commonly include academic transcripts, recommendation letters, essays, resumes, proof of financial need (if applicable), and additional materials specific to the scholarship theme.
4. Create an online account (if needed): Some scholarships might require creating an account on their application portal. Register with accurate information and ensure you remember your login details.
5. Complete the online application form: Carefully fill out the application form, providing accurate and complete information as requested. Pay close attention to details, deadlines, and any specific requirements mentioned in the instructions.
6. Upload supporting documents: Upload all the required documents in the designated format and size limitations mentioned in the application instructions. Double-check that all documents are uploaded correctly.
7. Review and submit the application: Thoroughly review your application for any errors or omissions before submitting it online. Once confirmed, submit your application and ensure you receive a confirmation email or notice (if applicable).

Extra Notes:

  • The application prepare and site may shift somewhat depending on the particular division and year.
  • Allude to the official site or contact the grant supplier for the foremost precise and up-to-date informational.

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 Renewal Process

Eligibility Check:Before proceeding, ensure you meet the specific renewal eligibility for your scholarship program. This information can be found on the relevant “SchemeData” section of the MahaDbt website (https://mahadbt.maharashtra.gov.in/login/login). Refer to the specific scheme details and renewal criteria.
Login (existing user):Go to the “Applicant Login” section of the MahaDbt website (https://mahadbt.maharashtra.gov.in/login/login) and enter your registered username and password.Click “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username” if needed.
Select “Renewal Application”After logging in, choose the option for “Renewal Application” or similar wording specific to your scholarship scheme.Look for dedicated sections or tabs for renewal applications within the specific scheme details.
Verify and Update DetailsReview and update any personal details that might have changed since your initial application.Ensure accuracy and consistency with your documents.
Upload Required DocumentsUpload scanned copies of the documents required for renewal, as specified by your chosen scholarship scheme.These documents might differ from initial application documents, so refer to the specific scheme renewal details.
Submit Renewal ApplicationCarefully review your application and documents before submission.Click “Submit” to finalize your renewal application.
Download Acknowledgement ReceiptDownload and save the acknowledgement receipt for your reference.This receipt contains a unique application ID for tracking the renewal process.

Extra Data:

  • Reestablishment Period: Recharging applications regularly open amid particular periods, so allude to the official “SchemeData” segment for the particular reestablishment window and any extra enlightening related to your chosen grant program.
  • Changes in Recharging Handle: The reestablishment handle might alter based on overhauls from the government. Continuously allude to the official site for the foremost current and exact data.

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 Application Status Tracking Procedure

General Scholarship Application Status Tracking (MahaDbt)

Login (existing user):Go to the “Applicant Login” section of the MahaDbt website (https://mahadbt.maharashtra.gov.in/login/login) and enter your registered username and password.Click “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username” if needed.
Navigate to “Track Application Status”Look for a section or option labeled “Track Application Status” or similar wording specific to the scholarship scheme.This option might be located on the dashboard or within the specific scholarship program section.
Select Scholarship SchemeChoose the same scholarship program you applied for or whose status you want to track.This step ensures you are viewing the correct application status.
Enter Application DetailsDepending on the system, you might need to enter details like your application ID or Aadhaar number to access your application status.Refer to the instructions on the page for specific details required.
View Application StatusThe screen should display the current status of your application, which might include: * Received * Processing * Approved * Rejected * On HoldDetails about the current stage and any additional information may be provided.

Extra Notes:

  • The particular steps and site interface might shift somewhat depending on the office taking care of your application.
  • In the event that you experience any troubles following your application, you’ll contact the individual division utilizing the contact data given on their site.

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 Selection Process

General Scholarship Selection Process (MahaDbt)

Application SubmissionApplicants submit their online application forms along with the required documents within the specified deadline.Refer to the specific scheme details for the deadline and document requirements.
Application ScrutinyApplications are screened for completeness, eligibility criteria, and document verification.Incomplete or ineligible applications might be rejected.
Shortlisting (if applicable)Based on predetermined criteria like merit, caste, or other factors, a shortlist of eligible candidates might be prepared.Not all scholarships involve a shortlisting stage.
Verification (if applicable)Authorities might conduct physical verification of documents or visit applicants’ residences for further verification.Not all scholarships require verification procedures.
Merit List PreparationBased on pre-defined selection criteria (merit, entrance exams, interviews etc.), a final merit list of selected candidates is prepared.The specific selection criteria vary depending on the scholarship scheme.
Award DisbursementScholarships are awarded to the selected candidates, typically through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).Ensure your bank account is linked to your Aadhaar for DBT transfer.

Extra Notes:

  • The particular weightage given to diverse criteria within the justify list arrangement might change based on official grant rules.
  • The determination prepare might include extra steps depending on the division taking care of the grant.
  • It is pivotal to allude to the official grant site or contact the scholarship supplier for the foremost precise and up-to-date data with respect to the determination prepare.

Prize Money Scholarship 2022 FAQs

Qualification changes depending on the particular grant program. A few require Indian citizenship, certain scholastic justify levels, enlisted in particular degree programs, and family pay edges. See the table organize outline from your past ask for points of interest on particular grants.

There are different grants for undergrad, postgraduate, PhD, and postdoctoral considers in STEM areas like AI, computer science, building, and more. Check the “Dependence Grant List with Points of interest” table organize you asked for a comprehensive list and official websites for particular programs.

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