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Pros and Cons of Working while Studying

Working is not a fresh concept while you are learning. In western European countries, this idea has long become a success but in our country, it is yet to take place. There are almost 60% of students in Western countries who fund their own higher education. While the entire cost of the higher education fees can not be paid, working during your studies will at least make a student contribute more to their education. While this may not be a huge deal for many, it still overrides all the other facts with the amount of happiness and satisfaction involved. 

studying and working

Options for students to work

One can work in two ways during one’s study:

Study and work together

First of all, the study-work program must be selected. You will earn money and hourly or weekly pay from an on-campus study-work program for your job, which depends on your expertise. There are several various study-work opportunities, so students have a fair chance of doing something that has to do with their supervisor. The students of University are hired by a national, state, or local governmental institution, a private non-profit organization, or a private, profitable organization. Chances are also that students will be invited to work on community-based learning projects that also provide some kind of inner fulfillment and benefit.

Working part-time

You can also go for part-time jobs outside the campus during your study. While students who participate in a full-time training course can not take a full-time job, they are typically able to handle a part-time job that is growing among young people. This part-time work can vary depending on your key topics or on your skills. There are nowadays many part-time workers in call centers across the country that joined the Indian market as a movement and in a short period gained great fame. Other jobs can include workshops, virtual jobs, freelancing, etc for university students.

studying and working

Pros of Working while Studying

Make resume to outshine

These days, many businesses want to see employees who have previous professional experience; in this case, your resume shines beautifully in the course of your college time. Companies also face a surplus of resumes from college graduates and often prefer someone who distinguishes himself not just in terms of grades but also in terms of experience. It also reflects dedication and this helps employees to impress. Candidates with experience are favored over random fresher applicants.

Enough capital to live comfortably

Almost 50% of the students who have worked at the time of their education have earned money and got financially independent. Besides having to finance college, every student wants a little extra money in the first place. There are a lot everybody wishes to spend on while at university, which can also make your holidays a lot simpler. With your earned money there is plenty to spend on. Living on a tight budget is not difficult, but with money in hand, it is much fun. And it is a great satisfaction to spend on your own made money.

Overall development

You get a short idea about professional life when you are working. Every field job can give students the professional abilities while providing opportunities for a professional to improve skills such as communication as well as time management and consumer service. Students strive to acquire good work experience with each other and to develop professional behavior. Many students attempt to reach the work market after their graduate studies with very little experience and in turn not giving them much experience. Even part-time work produces some competencies which are important in professional life but can not be mastered by learning-basic things like interacting with various people, and how to perform in a meeting. This simplifies and facilitates the transition to work after graduation.

studying and working

Cons of Working while Studying

Hinder development 

Most students go to college with the expectation of a highly compensated job in the future, which they expect to work hard for. From this point of view, college years can be their last opportunity to have fun before starting a day’s job, so it can be pointless to work at college. Often working at a part-time job can shift their concentration, and few students concentrate on their current job without looking at the bigger picture.

Study distraction

One drawback is the students’ ability to work so far that their careers conflict with their college objectives and success in academics. You need to spend your time learning and working, and sometimes students can’t just do it well. Engagement in a career means less free time for students. Therefore, it is important to manage time better.

studying and working

Sometimes can be very tiring

Often there will be a discrepancy between the two goals. It is also true that sometimes a student can get tired of dealing with two goals. Anyone can spend only 24 hours a day and trying to maintain a job while studying can be extremely tiring, particularly when employers may be reluctant to take themselves time off. In due course, students can take too much stress that can lead to burn-out.


Some students need to work in college; because they are not from well-off families that can cover their college costs and others just want to as they want to become financially independent. Whether to work while studying or not has always kept students in doubt as there are many advantages and disadvantages of the same. The main advantages and disadvantages have been discussed to provide students with a clear vision. In this article, we will look for the pros and cons of working while studying.

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