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Public Speaking and why is it important?

What is the art of public speaking?

Public Speaking is the act of performing a speech in front of a live audience. It is an ability to influence, convince, inform, and persuade an audience. Public speaking was developed in Rome, Greece, and Latin America. Great thinkers in these countries influenced the development and evolutionary history of public speaking. It is an essential skill that includes body language, content creation, and voice modulation. It is a personal power that will help you deliver crucial thoughts and ideas and change others’ perspectives with comfort and confidence. It has become an essential part of survival in the present day scenario. Almost every single person gets the chance to speak in public at some point in their lives. It is so important that it could be the deciding factor in career development, business growth, and relationships with friends and family. In this rapidly globalizing world, public speaking is a skill worth learning. 

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Role of public speaking in our lives?

  • Public speaking helps an individual to increase his/her self confidence dramatically. It is critical because it increases your speaking- a daily life activity; thus, it helps you become more comfortable and confident.
  • This skill is also crucial in securing a better job. The way you present yourself at a job interview ultimately decides whether you will land in that job.
  • The public speaking skill remains one of the most effective ways to get your message delivered to a broad audience. Every public speaking opportunity helps us to improvise your leadership skills, your influence, and your career.
  • By standing up and addressing many people, you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field, and you have an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge.
  • By becoming a confident public speaker, you instantly lift yourself above many other people who hesitate to stand up and speak.
  • By being confident and able to speak in public, you differentiate yourself from others. This could keep your head off the chopping block when the subsequent redundancy rolls around.
  • It is critical if you want to be a leader. It is the skill of persuasion, or the ability to win over the crowd, and this skill can carry you far in your life.
  • A great public speaker can be a tremendous public motivator. To be knowledgeable is a factor, of course, but being able to arouse passion and curiosity in people through skilled public speaking will motivate your audience to make a move.
  • Its opportunities are a great way to socialize. It helps you meet new social and professional contacts.
  • Out of the many best ways to learn, one of them is to teach, and public speaking is precisely an opportunity to teach others about your expertise topic. It is critical because it helps you to improve your knowledge by doing background research on it. The preparation that goes into a speech and the fact that you have to work out how to communicate with others effectively makes you understand your content better.
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How to learn the art of public speaking?

Excellent Public speaking is not inherent in everyone, but the good thing is that it can be improved if worked upon. Below are listed some useful tips to learn and imbibe the art of public speaking.

public speaking
  • Always know your audience and what you would want them to take away.
  • Practice each day.
  • Prepare your goals and the content beforehand.
  • Memorize the content so well that you can go off without a script, so it doesn’t appear like mere reading.
  • Practicing in front of a mirror to learn the proper amount of body motion, hand usage, and facial expressions.
  • Be very clear with your words to make sure that your audience hears precisely what you want them to.
  • Practice body language and movement
  • Slow down your pace if too fast.
  • Make eye contact with your audience, which makes them feel knowledgeable and confident about your speech. Look at the people in the back and the people in the first couple rows.
  • Practice tone and projection
  • Add an adequate amount of emotion or humor or both.
  • Be mentally prepared. Clear your head off all doubts.
  • Always project confidence, even if you are scared.
  • Ask for feedback after you finish.

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