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Rangsit University: Courses, Fees & Eligibility

In Pathum Thani, Thailand, there is a private institution called Rangsit institution (RSU). With more than 40,000 students, it is one of Thailand’s biggest universities and was founded in 1965. Business, engineering, medicine, law, the arts, and sciences are just a few of the many undergraduate and graduate programs that RSU provides.

The emphasis on music, design, and information technology at RSU is well known. Both the music and design schools there are well-known worldwide. In terms of independent professions and public health, RSU is a top university.

The Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) and the Thai Ministry of Education have both accredited RSU. Furthermore, it actively participates in the International Association of Universities (IAU).


Rangsit University

Large and diverse student body: Rangsit University is one of Thailand’s biggest universities, with a student body of over 40,000. The variety of experiences and backgrounds among the students makes for a lively and exciting learning environment.
Focus on information technology, design, and music: Rangsit University is renowned for its emphasis on information technology, design, and music. It has a renowned design school in addition to a world-class music school. RSU is a top university for independent professions and public health.

Facilities that are modern and well-equipped: Rangsit University features libraries, labs, and sports facilities that are all modern and well-equipped. This gives pupils the tools they need to be successful in their academic endeavors.
Student life at Rangsit University is active, offering a wide range of organizations and activities to get involved in. Students can learn leadership skills and establish friends for life because to this.
Opportunities for internationalization: Rangsit University provides a range of internationalization opportunities, including exchange and study abroad programs. Students can do this to learn about many cultures and build a global perspective.

Important Dates

The application date is February 28, 2023, for the fall 2023 semester. The Fall 2023 semester’s orientation will take place from August 15–17, 2023. The Fall 2023 semester’s first day of classes is August 22, 2023. December 16, 2023 marks the end of the Fall 2023 semester. The Fall 2023 semester’s midterm exams will take place from October 10–14, 2023. From December 19–23, 2023, final exams for the fall 2023 semester will be given.

The financial aid application deadline is March 1, 2023. The registration cutoff date is August 1, 2023. The last day to drop classes without incurring a fee is September 15, 2023. The application date for graduation is in April.


Although Rangsit University is regarded as one of Thailand’s top universities, its ranking is not as high as some of the others. The university is ranked well in these fields due to its reputation for putting a strong emphasis on music, design, and information technology.I advise you to conduct your own research to understand more about Rangsit University and its programs if you are considering enrolling there. When picking a choice, you should also take into account your personal academic objectives and hobbies.

  • World ranking: 2938th (EduRank)
  • Thailand ranking: 18th (EduRank)
  • Research output ranking: 4th (NRCT)
  • Music ranking: 14th (Thailand)
  • Design ranking: 15th (Thailand)
  • Information technology ranking: 16th (Thailand)

Courses Fees & Eligibility

CourseTuition fees (per semester)Eligibility requirements
Bachelor of Arts in English100,000 THBSecondary school certificate (Matayom Suksa 6) or foreign equivalent
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science100,000 THBSecondary school certificate (Matayom Suksa 6) or foreign equivalent
Bachelor of Business Administration100,000 THBSecondary school certificate (Matayom Suksa 6) or foreign equivalent
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering150,000 THBSecondary school certificate (Matayom Suksa 6) or foreign equivalent
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design40,000 – 70,000 THBSecondary school certificate (Matayom Suksa 6) or foreign equivalent
Master of Education in Bilingual Education72,000 THBBachelor’s degree in Education or a related field
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration120,000 THBMaster’s degree in Business Administration or a related field

Cut Offs

Department SAT ACT GPA
Computer Science 1,200 26 3.5
Electrical Engineering 1,300 28 3.8
Mechanical Engineering 1,250 27 3.7
Business Administration 1,100 25 3.4
English Literature 1,000 24 3.2
History 950 23 3.1


For its accomplishments, Rangsit University has a solid reputation. Rangsit University is placed 2040th in Asia and 5065th overall in the 2023 AD Scientific Index. Based on the university’s research output, which includes the quantity of publications, citations, and h-index, this rating is determined. The robust alumni network at Rangsit University is another point of pride. Numerous graduates of the university have gone on to enjoy prosperous careers in business, politics, and the arts.

  • Anucha Kitcharoen, CEO of Thai Airways International
  • Kritsada Boonratana, CEO of CP Group
  • Thitiphat Theerapapyawong, CEO of Central Group
  • Apisak Tantivorawong, former Minister of Finance
  • Patcharaporn Chanjirakul, Miss Universe Thailand 2019


Rangsit University has a solid track record for placement. Graduates can expect to get roughly 30,000 THB per month as their beginning pay. CP Group, Central Group, Thai Airways International, PTT Group, and Kasikornbank are among the top employers of Rangsit University alumni. Rangsit University places the most students in the following majors: business administration, engineering, information technology, medicine, and law. At Rangsit University, the placement rate is almost 90%. This indicates that within six months of graduating, 90% of graduates may find employment.

Rangsit University’s placement office offers a variety of services to aid students in finding employment, including career counseling, job fairs, online job postings, resume writing seminars, and interview preparation.
To find graduates, the placement agency collaborates with more than 1,000 businesses. They also provide a variety of loans and scholarships to aid students in their career quest. The placement office is dedicated to assisting students in locating employment that aligns with their interests and skill sets.


International students who have completed high school or its equivalent are eligible for the International School Network Scholarships (RISNS) program. For four years, the scholarship will pay 50% of your academic and tuition costs.
The Rangsit University President’s Scholarship is given to students who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership abilities. For four years, the fellowship pays all academic and tuition costs.
Rangsit University Excellence Scholarship: Students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement are eligible for this scholarship. For four years, the scholarship will pay 50% of your academic and tuition costs. Rangsit University Merit Scholarship: Students who demonstrate academic excellence are eligible for this scholarship. For four years, the scholarship will pay 25% of your academic and tuition costs.
The Rangsit University Need-Based Scholarship is given to students who can show they have a financial need. The scholarship’s value is decided on a case-by-case basis.


Sure, here are some details with pictures regarding the campus of Rangsit University
The campus of Rangsit University is situated in Thailand’s Pathum Thani. With more than 1,000 acres of space, it is a sizable complex. There are 5 zones on the campus The Rangsit University Library, the Rangsit University Computer Center, and the Rangsit University Auditorium are located in this zone. The residential halls, the Rangsit University Sports Complex, and the Rangsit University Swimming Pool are all located in this area. The faculties of engineering, information technology, and business administration are located in this area. This zone is home to the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Public Health, and the Faculty of Independent Professions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the curriculum, different qualifications must be met for admission to Rangsit University. However, a high school diploma or its equivalent is required for all applicants. Some courses additionally demand that students take the SAT or ACT.

The tuition fees for Rangsit University vary depending on the program. However, the average tuition fees for undergraduate programs are around 100,000 THB per semester.

The student life at Rangsit University is very active. Students can participate in a wide range of activities, including clubs, organizations, and sports teams.

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