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Reasons to take career counselling for class 12th

The number of choices available after class 12th board exams has increased significantly and so has the confusion. The requirements for various courses have also been modified and students from different streams such as science, commerce and humanities may be able to pursue the same course. In order to avoid going on the incorrect career path, it would be a wise decision if parents and students discuss the multidimensional courses available with a career counsellor. career counselling for 12th class will help in making the most suitable and appropriate choice for a better future. Here are a few reasons why parents should consider career counselling for class 12th.

career counselling for class 12th

Benefits of a Psychometric test

Most counsellors suggest students to take a psychometric test so that their personality can be understood easily. Instead of observing someone for a long time and then identifying their talents, it would be more viable for both parties if students take this detailed test. These tests are also available on Careerguide.com. The tests allow counsellors to understand the aspirations of the child.

Following the Trends

After completing class 12th board exams, most students don’t know the professions associated with various career options. For example, students are not aware of consulting as a profession which can be taken up by students from all fields and is in great demand at present. A counsellor remains up to date with market trends and hence will be able to guide the student by informing him/ her about the pros and cons of multiple and new job profiles.

counselling for class 12th

Understanding Viewpoints

A counsellor’s job is to consider everyone’s perspectives. Suppose a child says that his/ her parents suggested that he/ she should get a degree in the field of commerce. On the other hand, considering the artistic abilities of the student, the art teacher suggested that the child should go for a course in art. And the individual himself wants to pursue a degree in political science! Imagine the dilemma caused by so many ideas and opinions! A counsellor can help the child in combining all these ideas together to find out the best option after finishing the 12th board exams.

Coping with Stress

As it is, the class 12th board exams in India put an immense amount of pressure on a student’s mind. After completing these exams, there is void in the brain. Most students are worried about whether they will score well enough to get a good college or not. These thoughts can cause detrimental anxiety and stress. A counselor understands these emotions and can help the student cope with emotionally difficult situations by enabling them to contemplate and find practical solutions to problems.

Paying Attention to Career Goals

Sometimes parents expect their children to achieve the goals they couldn’t achieve when they were young. However, it is important to understand that the child is a different individual and has his/ her own career goals and dreams. Parents might fail to accept this and it may lead to unnecessary arguments. Counsellors help in resolving such critical situations between parents and their offspring.

career counselling for class 12th

Discussing Results

It is possible that even after working hard, the student is not able to get good grades in the 12th board exams. This doesn’t mean that the world has come to an end and that the student’s life is completely ruined. A counselor can help the student in coping with bad grades and can explain the other opportunities which are available. For example, there are many well known private and open universities where the 12th board marks are not considered as a criterion for admission.

Working Parents

Generally, professional parents are not able to spend enough time with their kids. This might also mean that they are not fully aware of their child’s needs and goals with respect to his/ her career. If parents can’t devote enough time to the child’s academic needs then they should hire a counsellor to compensate for the same. This will allow parents to enjoy their free time with the students doing something fun instead of discussing career goals which may not end well. The child can convey all the doubts to the counsellor.

class 12th board exam

Solving Multi-faceted Problems

When a student passes his/ her board exams, he/ she also becomes legal in terms of age. Most 18-year-old students are doubtful about stepping out into the world of college life. They can have queries related to not only academics but also other life skills such as how to make new friends or how to engage with professors or how to build a good reputation in college and so on. A counsellor can help in choosing the right stream of subjects and help with other issues as well.

Career counselling for 12th class will help in making the most suitable and appropriate choice for a better future. Parents can also check the services provided by Careerguide.com such as the psychometric tests, online career counselling, offline career counselling, counselling on call etc. These are provided by highly skilled and experienced counsellors and will help your adolescent in making the right life choices with respect to their careers.

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