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Redefining Friendships this Quarantine

If we ask you to think about your best moments with your friends, we are sure many moments would appear in your mind that you deeply cherish. This pandemic has changed a lot of things and made many alterations in our lives, it has also changed the meaning of friendships and how we used to celebrate it before.

For most of us, ever those friends who live very near to us have become our long-distanced friends. None of us like to maintain a bond that is long-distanced, it requires too much commitment and engagement. In fact, we have always heard ourselves saying that we couldn’t stay in touch with a particular person because that person shifted his/her school or college. Now, for a population who depends upon face to face meetups so much can severely fail to maintain friendships through mere phone calls. Surprisingly, we have been stuck at home for more than eight months now, and those who thought that they won’t be good at maintaining their friendships online are excelling.

This year has taught us many new things; apart from trying our best to keep those whom we cherish deeply, we are also learning the value of our friends. It is tough in fact, to not see those whom we love deeply for so long, but we have learnt a lesson to never cancel on our friends the last minute. It is rather necessary to learn the importance of these simple things which we took for granted in life. Now that we are deprived of the luxury of meeting our friends, we clearly know how hard it is to be without them.

Clearly all of us do not have any option but to wait for things to get back normal, up until then we need to maintain our friendships while quarantining. We have to ensure only growth in our bonds and do not hamper it in any way. There are a few tips in which you can ensure to stay connected with your friends.

Plan movie dates with them-

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All of us really miss going to the cinema halls with our friends, it would always be such a great experience to watch our favorite films with our friends. Don’t worry we have got you covered, you won’t get that intense feel of a cinema hall, but you would be able watch films with your friends together. The best way to watch films with your friends is to zoom call them and then share your screen, all of you could watch your favorite films and also look at the expressions of your each other, now how cool is that?

You can also try ‘Netflix Party’ if you haven’t already. You can sync your Netflix account with your friend’s account and all of you can watch the film together. You also get the facility of a chat box where you can talk about the film while watching it.

We have great facilities available now that allows us to watch films with our friends, and it also makes it so much more unique and fun. Now, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, grab on your favorite munchies and enjoy watching films with your friends.

Read books and poetry together-

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All those who love reading make sure you share this activity with your friends. You can send the novels you are preparing to read next to your friends, and then you talk about the story together. If you are a fresher and you don’t know a lot about your college friends, then it could be a great way to build a connection with them. By reading and discussing the same novel, you can know your friend’s unique perspective about the story and get insights about their favorite characters. You can also share poetry with your friends and read it together on phone calls, or you can read short stories together on phone calls. Planning things specific to the common interests of you and your friends helps you grow the bond even stronger.

Be Gym partners-


If you have spent your quarantine eating junk and thinking of exercising to get back on shape, you can share this activity with your friends. This will also make your monotonous workout sessions so much more fun. You can video-call your friends, and all of you can workout together at the same time. Planning fun activities with your friends is not that hard, you just have to be a little creative and thoughtful.

Game date-


If nothing comes to your mind, just play online games with your friends that boost your friendship. There are endless online games that are excessively popular, just don’t be a sore loser and get into a fight with your friends!

The times are hard and you need to keep your friends and family close to you. Keeping checking on them and be updated about them, it is important to talk to them from time to time. So, if your friends video-calls you today, then do pick up.

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