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Skills With College Students Can Learn While Studying

Earning/Learning while studying is very beneficial for any student in terms of financial help and overall development as well. But here the question raises what skills students can earn before degree completion. Although there are so many benefits of earning while studying, the most important benefit is experience. The experience you will get while earning is something that is with your lifetime.

Written proficiency

Writing is one of the beautiful and powerful arts that one could have. Just look on the internet or anything else. Writing is a basic need. Content writing is a field that is increasing day by day. From any kind of start-up to every big corporation they required writing skills of students. While studying you can do content writing internships or part-time work on any kind of project. Script writing, dialogue writing, news and report writing, article writing, and many more options are available.


Speaking proficiency

The way you speak is something that describes you. There are so many public speaker examples available from which we can understand how public speaking is helping people financially. Every corporate or media house has its own YouTube channel. Or there are so many companies who look for voice-over. So speaking can give you everything because a Good speaker is a good human as well.

Graphics knowledge

Graphics are very important to make things catchy and attractive. It helps us to grab attention as well. There is so much software is available on the internet with tutorials and videos. All you need to do is practice hard. Apart from this in the world of the internet, we can become high-level graphic designers by learning Illustrator, Coral, and very high software through YouTube.

Command on Computer

We are not living in eighty’s. Where we need to manage paper. Today we just sat on our computer, laptop and started working. Good knowledge of MS office can help you to earn. And MS word is something that we learned during our school time. So if you have a good command of Computer believed me you are safe.

Social media manager

As I mentioned, Social media is on fire. There are so many Internships and part-time jobs available with decent Salary. All we need to do is manage social media platforms with perfection.

Guru Jambheshwar university


You may have seen the marketing strategy of Zomato. That’s something which defines marketing. There is a very huge marketing scope in the market. All you need is presentable skills of students.

That’s all about how students can earn with their skills while studying in college. Earning is necessary not just for financial help in fact to check your level, where you mark.


Why do students work?

Before we begin, let’s talk a little bit about the need and benefits of finding work during your schooling years. In addition to helping your family, working in school gives you some sort of financial independence for your social activities. There are other job benefits for college students as well. You learn the value of hard earned money. Gives important lessons about time management. Can help you understand the need and importance of budgeting from an early age. Helps in building up the confidence to get the job at such a young age.

What is required to earn money online? So the next question is, what is the need to earn money online? As we all know what kind of atmosphere 2020 has brought. The year 2020 was spent in our homes. Stepping outside is dangerous not only for you but for your family and everyone you come in contact with. Thus earning money becomes a necessity but online. You can be a student, a teacher, a housewife, or someone who is working full time but can still earn through online sources. Extra money is like extra chocolate on top of ice cream. Helps to get an extra income easily. It lets you save your main income for your big purchases. An additional source of income helps you to diversify your sources. Even if something goes wrong with your main source there is always something that can easily get to you.

become an Instagram influencer Instagram is another platform that is fast growing to become the best way for students to earn money online in India. Everyone in their school life is trying to make their profile best so that more and more people can follow them. Some of them already have over 1,000 followers by the time they finish school, while most reach their peak of popularity in college. If you are one of those people who like to maintain an online presence, then you can use their platform to talk about a particular topic. These can be tips about makeup, workouts, travel, etc. Once you start getting more followers, you get more deals with brands.

By: Geetu Katyal

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