DBS offers scholarships on the basis of merit to the deserving students. Mentioned below are the details of the scholarship provided by the institute on the basis of UG and PG program:

Course Scholarship Details
PGDM SAP Up to 90% on the basis of academic record and CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ CMAT, 10% scholarship to all-female candidate and student with Uttarakhand Domicile
PGDM Global
MBA Base
BBA Up to 99% Scholarship on the basis of performance in GDPI conducted by College (minimum 88% are required to apply for scholarship for UG courses)
B.Com (Hons.)
B.Sc (Agriculture)
BA Hons. (Mass Communication and Journalism)
MA (Mass Communication)

Scholarships for Under-Graduate Students

Merit Scholarship

Scholarships are applicable for all Full-time undergraduate admitted students of the Doon Business School Group, in accordance with the following scheme.

12% age 88 90 92 94 95 96 97 98 99
Scholarship (as a % of tuition fee) 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

Scholarships for Post Graduate Students

The scholarship scheme is applicable for all applicants of PGDM/ MBA program at Doon Business School Group who have a valid qualifying exam score and have secured a pre-specified minimum percentage in graduation. All such students will be eligible for scholarship in tuition fees for the entire program as per the following scheme. Applicants with a valid score in CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT (with min. 60% in graduation):

CAT/ XAT Percentile 75 80 85 90 95 96 97 98 99
MAT/ CMAT Percentile 93 95 97 98 - - - - -
Scholarship (as a % age of Tuition Fee) 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 85 90


  • The interviews are scholarship blind.
  • The scholarships are open for the first 15% seats in each program on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • No application for scholarships shall be entertained beyond the specified period of time.
  • Candidates should preferably send their scholarship applications along-with their admission registration forms.

Scholarship Procedure

  1. Student registering for scholarship should apply on the prescribed form available with the institute or on website at the time of interview before confirmation of admission. Students who do not apply before confirmation of admission will not be eligible for merit scholarship.
  2. Student should submit photocopies of all mark sheets and certificates required as above for entitling the scholarship.
  3. Upon your official confirmation of admission with the DBSG, you will receive a formal scholarship offer letter/confirmation.
  4. The scholarship will be disbursed semester wise.
  5. In case the result of the previous semester has not been declared till the last date of submission of fees for the next semester, the student may provisionally submit fees equivalent to the last semester fees but in case fails to get the required marks will have to submit the balance fees.
  6. While applying for a scholarship and filling in the percentage of class XII marks, applicants are required to consider the aggregate of all the 5 subjects in their XII boards. In case the candidate has appeared for more than 5 subjects in the XII boards, the aggregate of the best 5 may be taken.

However, the scholarship for 3rd semester onwards will be subject to:

  1. 75% attendance to be maintained in each subject individually in the preceding semester.
  2. 70% marks in cumulative score in all subjects.
  3. Students shall not be involved in any disciplinary action of misconduct where a penalty or fine is imposed by the Proctorial board.
  4. Students shall take a good moral character certificate from the course coordinator every year and submit the same with Registrar.
  5. Students should give an undertaking of being available at all times during the course for any brand ambassador activities and also in case of events/goodwill program.
  6. There should be no discontinuation in the study. In case of transfer to any other institute, the scholarship given will have to be refunded prior to the issue of No Objection Certificate.
  7. Student needs to send a thank you letter to Board of Trustees for the Generous Scholarship every semester.
  8. In case the student fails to get 70% marks in the subsequent semester, his scholarship will be equivalent % of cumulative marks scored over 50%. That means a student with 65% marks will get a 15% scholarship in the subsequent semester in the tuition fees. However a student having been admitted as a merit scholar with first semester regains 70% in semester thereafter, will again be allowed 50% scholarship in subsequent semester subject to other conditions being fulfilled.

Note: In case any of the above criteria is not fulfilled the scholarship for the next semester will be withdraw.