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The conclusive evidence on why teens can’t stop procrastinating

The conclusive evidence on why teens can’t stop procrastinating
If you ask today’s young adults, to what human behavior they relate the most to the habit of procrastination. With a lot of workload on their head, they are bound to feel pressured and overwhelmed. Sometimes they even face a problem with their sleeping pattern and end up falling sick more often. Also at other times, they get more accustomed to putting off the same work because of the same overwhelming behavioral pattern. Whatever it is, this sought of procrastination often makes individuals come to the conclusion that it’s okay to delay things and become habituated with it. Procrastination provokes individuals to attain a sense of freedom until they realize it is for a limited period of time and feels puzzled later on. Sometimes it leaves in a situation of regrets as they lose many golden opportunities that were thriving on their way.

It constantly keeps tricking individuals to think they have enough unti they don’t and thus it leads to their delay or failure in the completion of tasks.


Procrastination is that individualistic characteristics that leave us in a state of worry at the end. Truth be told, with the advent of gadgets in the hands of every young adult’s/teen’s hands, this behaviour has increased. Students keep delaying their homework and assignments until the due date. However, there are definitely some rock-solid reasons which are leading to this sort of behaviour in today’s young adults/teen’s.

The factor of aggression

Students are all about compulsive behavior and actions. Sometimes they do things they really like to do, other things they are open to revolt. Young minds feel incompetent too easily. When they feel they are not being treated by the parents or their elders, for the ones with inclusive behavior, open revolt is not always possible. They take up the habits of delaying their work as a mechanism to prove their point. This sought of aggression and agitation keeps building in their minds until they do not realize how to channelize it. At the end of the day, it just keeps them worrying and thinking of situations in their mind. One way or another, this budding aggression in teen’s minds can never aid them to be more responsible for themselves and their actions.

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Self-doubting has become a basic thing 

Today’s students constantly question if they are good enough for a task of it they are unable to do it. This self-doubt brings to them a situation where they are constantly wondering and rethinking about a situation they are put in or could be put in. Especially when school becomes more challenging with a lot of tasks and a lot of extracurricular, the students begin to stumble. They constantly question if they are good enough for a task or if they do not come up to others’ expectations or if they had to come face to face with their failures. One way or another, these constant negotiations in one’s mind make them delay their work. It is hard to tell if this sort of delay is affecting young adults mentally or not. Self-doubting in no way can be beneficial for individuals in the long run. Without self-confidence, students are bound to feel lost and unworthy.

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Strive towards perfectionism

Today’s youth is all about being a part of a rat race. This strive to achieve greatness often plays with their self-confidence and self-esteem. They constantly feel if they are not perfect at something they won’t be accepted. The internet has played a huge in setting standards for today’s generation. The students find these standards unattainable. They constantly feel they are in a constant tussle to achieve the unachievable. These high standards towards perfectionism make them feel incompetent and often tend to give in too easy. Yes, there are signs of many adults procrastinating but then again that’s because they are aware of what they are doing and do it much more responsibly. On the other, young adults/teens do it rather irresponsibly and impulsively thinking cause they can. It is important to utilize the duration of student life more effectively and efficiently. This small duration of pleasure from postponing what’s important can be the reason for big troubles for them in the future.

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