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Things that schools never teach you

Schools are often known to be our second homes. A place where we are supposed to grow and develop and be nourished the right way. It is not often that students question the teaching pattern or the subjects taught in school. Because why would they? They think they are liable to follow everything without the scope of questioning being given to them. But the single particular question lies, are what they teach, is really enough? What if there’s more to add to the curriculum but we never knew cause we were to busy mugging up our entire syllabus? Here you will find those things that schools never teach you.

It is important to have a discussion on the have not’s more than what’s already there. The students are being prepared for their future in these institutions. These are their stepping stones towards success and acceptance of failure. It is not really possible for them to know what’s right for them so early. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to make them aware.

As students and the young adults of this generation, they have an inquisitive mind. But they are also more likely to be scared of the outside world considering the amount of competition it’s becoming. It is not uncommon for today’s young people to feel lost or incompetent. They are always thriving to be the best version of themselves specifically as a part of their school premises and extracurricular. However, what’s more, important for them is to be aware of the real-life scenario– the part of the world that is far fetched from bookish knowledge and inbound class activities. The students have to be prepared for tomorrow to be our tomorrow.

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They will never teach you about banking

Yes, if you are a student from a commerce background after your 10th standard, as a part of the curriculum you’ll definitely know about a few things but that’s not really banking. It is important to understand once a teenager passes his age to develop as an adult, he or she is bound to open his/her account in a national or private bank. But the thing is they have no clue about it until their guardian or any senior guides them. Isn’t this an important part of every individual financial situation? Students should be taught about banking and the basics of it so that at least they know what, where, and how about opening their bank accounts. This is one aspect of life that is going to stay forever with them, but they are neither told about it nor they have any idea about it. This might be a thing that schools never teach you.

The mandatory law regarding tax payment

The students are supposed to be preparing for their future yet they have no clue about the compulsory payment of taxes in the same future until they have a functioning job. The students are bound to feel puzzled when they fall in a situation where they don’t know the know-how of what to do. Tax payments are important for every earning individual. How are the young adults supposed to be ready to explore something about which they were never educated about?

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The curriculum that never talked about job interviews

If everything were supposed to be written in the books taught inside the classroom, the student’s value would only depend on that. But it doesn’t work that way. Most of the students are likely to apply for job interviews after their under graduation or post-graduation but they never got to know the right way. While they stay in school, it is the best time to prepare for them about how to prepare their cv, how to present themselves, the dos and don’ts. Basically all that’s required for a successful business interview. This is one of the biggest aspects that can help build an individual’s personality and shape their skills, but the schools have never pay much heed. This might be a thing that schools never teach you.

The idea and building of relationships

Schools are not just about being your second home and being as strict as parents. These institutions are always meant to groom you for the bigger picture. However, schools often tend to miss out on one of the most important aspects – relationships. Whether in school or college, students are bound to develop likeness towards each other. But it is also important to teach them to guide this likeness towards each other the right way. Relationships are an important aspect of every grown-up’s life. It is high time they are taught the right approach towards it.

things in school

Let’s be honest, the mass use of the internet today, there is nothing impossible for students to know from the internet. Hence, it is as evident as it is to say, the bookish knowledge acquired from school can be acquired from anywhere with an internet connection. It is important for schools to stand out as idealistic institutions of learning and development of individuals.

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