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For all those students who are wishing to enroll in business schools to pursue MBA, numerous admission exams are held. The CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, NMAT, GMAT, ATMA, and SNAP entrance exams are the ones most frequently accepted as eligibility for MBA programs. The three most popular MBA entrance exams are the CAT, MAT, and CMAT. Although there are numerous entrance exams, as has already been said, the main focus of this article is on the significance of the MAT entrance exam.

Now many of you might have uncountable questions such as, What is MAT? Why should you give the MAT?, What is the difference between this entrance exam and all the other entrance exams? What  are the advantages that you will get if you give the MAT entrance test?

Well, we are here to give you answers to all those questions and more! 

The All India Management Association (AIMA) administers the Management Aptitude Test, also known as the MAT, as a national entrance exam for MBA/PGDM admissions. MAT is a universally accepted entrance examination for getting into business schools. The MAT test is administered in a variety of ways, including offline (Paper Based Test, or PBT), online (Computer Based Test, or CBT), and remotely proctored (Internet Based Test, or IBT) formats. You can select any of the formats based on your preferences and level of convenience. In order to be completely ready when the exam day comes around, students who want to pursue an MBA begin their preparation for the entrance exams at least a year in advance. All India Management Association is responsible for administering the MAT admission exam (AIMA). More than 800 MBA colleges in India recognize and approve this exam. Additionally, it is offered four times a year, allowing candidates to retake the exam if they are unsuccessful in getting into their first choice of college. 

The students who are thinking of pursuing an MBA college that they dreamed of, the best way to do it is by first applying for the MAT entrance examination and paying the fees that are to be paid to be able to sit in the MAT entrance test. The AICTE will apply to the top five preferred colleges for free and you can get direct admission to the college without having to waste time and money applying to the colleges or institutes separately. AICTE is the All India Council of Technical Education, and the MAT entrance examinations are conducted by the AICTE. More information about the MAT entrance test provided below for your better understanding is.


Full Form

Management Aptitude Test

Conducted By

All India Management Association (AIMA)


2 hours 30 minutes

No. of Questions


Marking Scheme

+1 for each correct entry -0.25 for each incorrect entry 0 for not attempting a question

Total Marks


Exam Fees


Exam Level



4 times

No. of Applicants

Approximately 20 thousand students


Language Comprehension Data Analysis & Sufficiency Mathematics (Quantitative Aptitude) Intelligence and Critical Reasoning Indian & Global Environment

Exam Modes


The students must have gotten enough information about the MAT examination to know if they really want to pursue this or not. And if you have stuck around to read this article this closely then there is a clear indication that you are meant to give the MAT entrance examination and get into the top MBA colleges.  Another important piece of information you need to know about this entrance examination is that if you are eligible to give this exam or not. 

So the eligibility criteria for giving the MAT are:-
1. Graduating from a reputable university with a degree in any discipline or the equivalent is the first and the most important eligibility criterion. 
2. The students who are in the final year of their graduation degree can also apply for giving MAT.
3. Additionally, applicants who have earned a professional degree like a CA, CS, or ICWA are qualified to sit for the MAT exam.

These were all the important information about the MAT entrance examination but why is it important to give this examination? Why not give just the CAT, and XAT? 

Why is this examination getting more recognition and preference? 

Don’t worry just by looking at these questions, we are here to solve all your confusion and questions.

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There are endless reasons why you should take the MAT entrance examinations if you are thinking of pursuing an MBA and I have listed them for you to read and understand the importance of the MAT examination. 


One of the biggest MBA entrance exams in India is the MAT. 

The results of the MAT entrance exam are used as a benchmark for assessing students intelligence. For admission to MBA colleges, the MAT is an internationally recognized and authorized entrance examination. For the purpose of granting a seat in an MBA program, more than 800 universities recognize the MAT admission examination score. The only entry exam that is universally approved by business schools in the MAT. The MAT entrance examination expands the career opportunities and allows the students to pursue a variety of specializations in MBA. As the saying goes, it is always better to have options, MAT gives the students numerous options. 

And that is why the MAT examination is worth taking. 


The MAT entrance test is held in many different modes which allows the students to give the examination at their convenience and comfort. The various types of modes available for the students to give exams in are:

1. Paper-Based Test

The paper-based test is one of the modes by which the students can take the test. In the paper-based test, the student has to reach the examination center and give the examination offline. In this mode of examination of MAT, the students are supposed to write their answers on the paper and submit them when they are done. 

2. Computer-Based Test

In the Computer-based, the students are supposed to reach the examination center and give the examinations on the computers that are allotted according to the roll numbers of the students. The computer-based examination is an offline examination because there is no internet connection in the computers that are allotted to the students.

3. Internet-Based Test

The students can give the Internet-Based Test from anywhere in the world, the main requirement of this examination is good internet quality. On the Internet-Based, the audio and video on the student are on while giving the examination. The screen of the student’s computer is monitored while giving the examination so that there is no scope for cheating. 

These are all the test formats available for the MAT entrance exam.

The options are available for the students to select from based on their preferences and whatever one best suits them.

By having the options to choose from the formats of the exam mode, the number of students increased because the students who cannot come to the center can give the exam online, and the students who are not very familiar or comfortable with giving the exam on the computer can write on paper and visa-versa.



MAT is the only entrance exam for MBA which is conducted 4 times a year, not even the CAT, SNAP, and IIFT are conducted this frequently. Usually, the entrance exams for MBA are conducted only once a year. If a student is not satisfied with their results in the previous score, they have to wait for an entire year to attempt again in other entrance exams but in MAT, the students get to improve in months in perform well in the next exam. The MAT exams are held in February, May, September, and December. It gives 4 chances in a year to the students to improve their scores and get to the college of their dreams without wasting their entire year. It is difficult for the students to wait for a whole year to be able to give the exam again and also they will have to waste the entire year because there is no option of giving the exam in between the other entrance exams. But in the MAT entrance examination, the students do not have to waste a year, they can give the entrance exam four times a year and can improve their MAT scores to their level of satisfaction. And that is why it is MAT scores are worth taking. 



MAT results are valid for the whole year, and regardless of how many exams the student takes in a year, business schools will accept your score for admission for the full year. Any applicant sitting the MAT entrance exam in December or in the February session has the choice to use any of the scores, depending on their preference, to apply to top MBA institutions in India for admission. This is a very beneficial opportunity for the students, that they can choose any score from the year and it will be valid for the students. This makes it risk-free, even if the student scores badly in the next MAT exam attempt they would still have the option of using their previous exam score. And that is why the MAT entrance exam is the best option for you if you are thinking of pursuing MBA. 



All the top MBA colleges accept the MAT entrance examination score and that is why the students can get admission to the best MBA colleges on the basis of their MAT entrance exam score. As we discussed above, there are more than 800 colleges inIndia that accept MAT entrance test scores as the benchmark for the admission process. And that is why the MAT entrance exam is the best option for you if you are thinking of pursuing MBA. But many of you might want to know what are the colleges that would accept this entrance test so here is the list of some of the top colleges in India which accept MAT entrance exam scores:-

1.  EDII Ahmedabad PGDM- Entrepreneurship

2. JAGSoM Bangalore MBA Admission

3.  SCMS Cochin PGDM Admission

4.  NDIM New Delhi 

5.  SUAS Indore (Symbiosis University)

6.  SOIL Institute of Management

7.  IPE Hyderabad

8.  MBA in Business Analytics at SPSU Udaipur

9.  Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai), 


11.  NL Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research, 

12. KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research and

13. XIME Bangalore



The MAT entrance examination is easier than the other entrance tests such as CAT, XAT, SNAP, etc. It is significantly easy for candidates to pass the MAT entrance exam due to its straightforward format and extensive material. An MBA candidate who, on average, scored in the 70th percentile on the CAT should anticipate performing significantly higher on the MAT admission examination due to the exam & ease of use. It is seen that students achieve the perfect score in the MAT entrance exam due to the simpler nature of the exam. The perfect score in the MAT is 800/800 and many students have scored this. And by this only you can imagine how much easier it is for the students to get to the college of their dreams if they give the MAT entrance examination. 



Usually, the students need to pay the application fees to the colleges they want to apply to other than the entrance fee but it is not the case in the MAT entrance test.  When the students apply for the entrance exam of MAT they get 5 free applications that are applied on behalf of students. The students can choose up to 5 of their dream MBA colleges and AIMA will apply to those colleges for free for the students.  By applying directly for the MAT entrance exams, students not only save the money that they would have spent in applying to their dream colleges but also save a sufficient amount of time. And money and time are the most important resources in these times when the students do not have enough time or money, it is very beneficial. And that is why the MAT entrance exam is the best option for you if you are thinking of pursuing MBA.



Most of the entrance exams accept online payment only, and not all the students or parents are comfortable doing so. Some people just do not trust the online payment method and some people are not available to pay offline. So AIMA has come up with the idea of providing both options to the students so that all the students who are willing to apply for the MAT examinations get the opportunity to pay through the fee payment method that is convenient to them. The online mode of fee payment includes the options of paying through credit card, debit card, or net banking.  The offline fee payment method includes a demand draft in favor of AIMA-CMS, payable in New Delhi, or cash payment for the physical collection of the application from the AIMA office. 



The MAT entrance exam & syllabus is comparable and similar to those of other entrance exams that students take, including the CAT, XAT, SNAP, and others. As a result, it is easier for the students to apply for the MAT entrance tests as well because they do not need to study anything beyond the material included in the other entrance exam syllabuses that they have already studied. In order to be selected for admission to their ideal college, individuals who wish to study for an MBA typically take numerous entrance exams. 



MAT is a national-level entrance test, that is why it is acceptable in more than 800 colleges in India. As so many national colleges and universities accept the MAT entrance examination score, there are more chances of a student getting into a top-tier college that provides high-quality education with various different specializations for the students to choose from.  

These are all the major reasons why an MBA aspirant should take the MAT entrance examination. The MAT entrance exam is globally renowned and acceptable by the leading MBA colleges and universities in India. There are numerous benefits for the students who give the MAT entrance exam such as they get free applications by AIMA, they have increased chances at getting admission to their dream colleges, this is the easiest MBA entrance examination, and prevents the students from wasting their entire year as MAT entrance is held four times in a year. And that is why the MAT entrance exam is the best option for you if you are thinking of pursuing MBA. 

To conclude, there are numerous reasons why the MAT (Management Aptitude Test) entrance exam for MBA is worth taking. So, all the best for all your entrance exams, and hope you get the colleges and specializations that you dreamed of.

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