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Tips how meditation can change life in 12th

Are you one of those students who know how to meditate or want to know how to meditate? You must have heard about meditation from a lot of people after you ask for suggestions to your problems. Meditation is an activity which is beneficial in several aspects such as focus, mind control, dedication and devotion, etc.. It helps in several other daily life activities. This habit is considered to be so essential that it might be added as a subject in schools, colleges and other institutions as well. Here is article on Tips how meditation can change life in Class 12th

Meditation, if inculcated in students from early stages, can change the life of many people and the beginnings can be seen in the academics of learners only. Let us discuss some tips on how meditation can change a life. In this article, we will focus mainly on students, especially of class 12th.

Emotional control

Academic years are those years of students where they gain several new phenomenal experiences and go through different hormonal changes. These let to frequent mood swings and the most commonly seen emotion is anger. Most of these students, as they undergo teenage, have aggression problem which leads to several hurdles. Meditation helps students to control their mood swings and focus on certain things with a firm outlook. It helps to keep the mood changes in control and help them to take up the tasks with more efforts.

Reduce memory loss

There are students who face the problem of forgetting the things very soon due to which they face losses in academics. We can provide you with the solution to this problem by sharing another benefit of meditation here. It has been observed under several cases that if a student meditates in his/her daily life, it helps him/her to gain their retaining power. Meditation helps you to relax your brain from all the activities in your surroundings and increase the capacity of your brain which helps you to retain the topics very firmly.

No addiction

Nowadays, there is a big distraction for the learners which is the category of mobile games. These games distract the students from their academic path and lead to several problems. Tip number 3 is for you all if you think that you are getting diverted towards addiction like games, social media and so on. Meditation here plays a vital role in clearing up your addiction as this helps you to strengthen up your will power in order to create control over addiction. It helps you to create a strong will to reach your goal and create a diversion from the addictive things like virtual games and social media.

Stress management

The academic year, especially class 12th, nowadays, face a lot of pressure, whether personal or academic. Tip number 4 tells you another benefit of meditation which is to control stress. Meditation helps you to control stress while doing your work. It helps you to maintain all your things in an organized way even if you are under pressure. It helps you to control your anxiety and helps you to manage the work easily.

Problem-solving ability

Meditation can act as a boon for those students who face a lot of problems in their academics. It helps you to keep your mind calm as well as positive which gives you the result of problem-solving ability. Meditation helps you to analyze your problems with keen observations and then produce a better version of the solution that you usually find out without including meditation in your daily routine. 


There are various methods and techniques to increase your focus or concentration while focusing on your academics. One of the most efficient of all the methods is meditation. Meditation helps you to release all the diverse thoughts and events and helps the mind to relax. As the mind relaxes. It helps you to focus on your academics with more focus and works productively. Continuous meditation helps in increasing the productivity of your mind and helps you to increase the focus in your academics.


As per several views and observations, it has been said that positivity is considered to be one of the most necessary parts for the learners, mainly class 12th students. Meditation is such an exercise which can completely change the life of class 12th and other students if done on a regular basis. If you commit just 2 minutes twice a day for meditation, it can bring positivity in your life by keeping you away from distractions and help you gain positive energy towards things around you.

Higher IQ level

This might seem a little extra to you under the benefits of meditation, but this is totally correct. Tip number 8 here is here to tell you the benefit which the majority of students want in their lives. Meditation, even though as simple as it seems, provides usual but extra benefitting things under its umbrella. It helps you to generate brain cells by keeping your brain in a relaxed and a positive mode which helps the brain to work productively, grasp new things with better understanding and a long term retaining power. The students who do meditation on a daily basis are compared to have more IQ level than a usual student who does not.

Behavioural aspect

Tip number 9 tells us about the most visible change which could be seen if meditation is done on a regular basis. Meditation helps you to keep your brain in a calm mode and produce positive energy inside you. This positive energy helps you to behave accordingly and positively with anything you see and do around you. Meditation is indeed a major aspect on which the behaviour can be easily changed and converted into a positive manner.

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