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Tips to score good marks in 10th English paper

Here are some tips and paper analysis which will help you score good marks in 10th English paper.

Know the pattern

Be it English or any other subject, the foremost thing you must do is to look at the pattern of the paper. Doing so helps you to prepare accordingly. Go through the entire syllabus and prepare according to the latest syllabus prescribed. Section-wise preparation is a must if you want to score 95+ marks in English.

Here is the paper pattern of the English exam:

  • Section A: Reading (carries 20 Marks)
  • Section B: Writing and Grammar (carries 30 Marks)
  • Section C: Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text (carries 30 Marks)

Managing your time

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This is a crucial tip one must follow while preparing for the exam. In English, managing time becomes all the more important. If you have not managed your time properly, you may run out of time and some questions may go unattempted. In the reading time, you must go through the paper carefully.

Work throughout

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English is a subject that has to be prepared throughout the year. Grabbing the English book just one month before the exam is not going to fetch you good marks. The subject requires your daily attention. The subject has many areas, in which you must pay equal attention, to score 95+ marks.

3 Key sections of the English paper

So now, let us look at the three key sections of the English paper and how to prepare for them:


gif for score good marks in 10th English paper
  • -This section consists of 2 passages that you should complete in 40 minutes overall.
  • -You must develop your comprehension and reading skills for this section.
  • -In this, you have to read the passage carefully and understand what the passage is talking about.
  • -You should learn new vocabulary everyday so as to grasp the meaning of the passage. Usually, if you are aware of the meanings of the words used in your textbooks, you would be able to comprehend the meaning. If you cannot understand the meaning of a word, relate it to the passage and its context.
  • -You should try to use your own words rather than just copy from the passage.
  • -Practice 2-3 passages daily to develop your reading skills. Along with this, you should start reading more. You can read the books of your choice as the goal is to inculcate reading habits and build the vocabulary.
  • -You should try to increase your reading speed and write as briefly as you can, by covering all the key points.

Writing and Grammar

gif for words
  • -This section consists of 2 questions in the writing section and three sections in the grammar section.
  • -You should practice building sentences and writing reports, notices, essays, stories, etc. Also, practice rearrangement of the words and filling in the blanks.
  • -You should plan your answer first. Then, organize your ideas and write them in an easy language. Answer only what the questions demand from you. Avoid unnecessary details. Focus on eliminating your spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • -Keep in mind the format of letters, reports, posters etc. If you are attempting a story composition, you should ensure you don’t write something that is not relevant to the entire story.
  • -Revise your answers as soon as you finish writing. You must eliminate any spelling or grammatical mistakes, if present.
  • -Doing regular practice for the grammar section is the only key to getting good marks.
  • -Try to communicate in English wherever you can-be it school or home. You will get to know your weaknesses and strengths. You should practice writing about the common and trending topics in the news. Once, you start doing this, you will learn new words and the teachers are sure to help improve your writing skills.

Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text

gif for score good marks in 10th English paper
  • -This section is the lengthiest of all. It consists of one extract from the book, one short and one long answer type question from the book and one long answer type question from the novel.
  • -You should practice the most in this section. The questions are often difficult yet can be solved within the time limit. You should only refer and study from the books that are prescribed in your syllabus. Those books are enough.
  • -Read through every page of every book. Try to understand the theme or the lesson imparted by the chapter.
  • -Write answers that are meaningful, accurate and correct. There should be minimum mistakes in grammar and spellings.
  • -Read the summaries of the chapter carefully and memorize the name of the authors too. You can create your own flashcards for memorizing. Memorize some lines from the chapters that can be quoted and made references to.
  • -Try to interpret the stories and poems on your level.
  • -Identify the lines, speaker, the reason and the lessons in the question papers.

And lastly, I would say that ‘Practice makes perfect’. So, just practice well using last year question papers.

These were some tips which will help you score good marks in 10th English paper.


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