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Today’s youth need to talk of cybercrime

Cybercrime in simple words refers to any crime that happens over the use of any electronic device with the use of the internet. It is a crime that can happen against an individual or a group of people almost affecting their mental health of bringing to the other kinds of trauma that may affect their social reputation and harm their lives and that of their families. In the worst cases, cybercrimes have even lead to a number of suicide cases, situations of depression and anxiety, and even self-harm. The use of the internet and the anytime and anywhere accessibility has surely bought to us a lot of advantages, but with it did arrive a lot of cons that may adversely affect our lives without us even knowing. With every technological advancement, cybercrime rates in youths have been rising with every passing day. With the advent of social media today we have applications to send disappearing photos, textual messages that could be deleted from anywhere, the opportunity to share our location, and even share information with others. In short, the realms of technology makes nothing impossible. 

cybercrime in youths

What this conversation is happening now?

If you don’t already know, our country stands as the fifth affected country from the highest number of cybercrimes after the US, China, Japan, and UAE. This apparently means, even you reading this right now, could be a risk of being exposed to some sought of cybercrime without even knowing. Even when we talk of the states, to date Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai record the highest number of cases. Rather even recently, during the lockdown there was a huge spur of cybercrime because of which many individuals’ data were hacked, many celebrities lost their social media accounts and it created a lot of confusion and buzz in the town. 

What are the possible ways your data is in danger?

Today’s youth is the smartest and technologically advanced generation has been taking the advantage of such situations from the ones who are not. With the abundance of information available on the internet, even learning how to do a certain cybercrime is not very hard but it spreading like wind in the youths. Initially IT cells used the very weapon of data hacking and jamming to track the criminals or make use of it for some national interests. However, today’s youth has totally learned how to manipulate things for their interests.

cybercrime in youths

Hacking :

With the advent of these YouTube videos, it’s like everybody knows the hook and nooks of how to do something. Hence, even hacking became an easy task for many. This kind of unauthorized access to our systems or gadgets happens too often. This is why the cybercrime department constantly aware we keep our passwords in check. Sometimes even we unknowingly use other’s devices to log in to our social media accounts and forget the delete the history of it. If with a hacker’s mind someone wants to make access to our information, they can easily do it.

Data theft :

It is not very uncommon to see the senior citizens running errands off the bank cause their data and also their only savings left in the bank is no more. Many aged people try and save their only pension and yet be the victims of data theft. It is very easy to get access to an individual’s data when you obtain information about them without really acknowledging them. This has been one of the most vigorously attempted crimes among most users because of the accessibility. 

cybercrime in youths

Spreading a virus:

If someone is new to the use of technology and gadgets, he is more likely to get some virus get into the system without even knowing. If anyway the virus gets into the system, it automatically replicates itself and starts getting sent to other potential linked device users.

Identity theft:

With social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc identity theft becomes pretty accessible among youngsters. Making use of others’ pictures or videos or even impersonating someone just to get a certain amount of fame is very common in today’s age.

cybercrime in youths

Cybercrime cases in youths have been rising with every passing today. Like recently, the cyber cell has discovered many fake profiles of students below the age of 18. Many students make use of fake social media handles to abuse or impersonate as their teachers and make use of objectionable words and statements. Sometimes, they even make use of morphine pictures to bring defamation to their friends or acquaintances. Cybercrime is so common among young adults when they are not even aware of it. It is important that young adults learn the impact and consequences.

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