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Top 10 Architectural Universities in India

Education in  College is the next step of a student after completing their school , Colleges are those institutional place from where a student pursue a specific ,detailed and practical knowledge of his/her career for which they want to build their future. Every college has its academic chart designed accordingly to train the student for job work and other career opportunities .In today’s time we have a specific institution or specific academic programme to facilitate students a proper education.Here is article on Top 10 Architectural Universities in india

We have a lot of engineering, medical, commerce, sports etc. so many fields in which we can build our future and for that we need well education. Other than these fields there is diversity when we really research something in profession and in the same diversity the professional field deals with designing of infrastructure is termed as Architecture which itself is diversity and has a lot of different career options in this field . In this article we will see top 10 Architecture College in India. Here are some of the top architectural universities in India.

IIT Kharagpur

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IIT Kharagpur has one of the pioneer architecture departments in India, the department started in 1952 with the undergraduate course in architecture. In 1959, the first postgraduate course in planning was introduced by the Department and doctoral degree in 1970.It has great contribution in undergraduate and postgraduate education which includes research, international collaboration and interdisciplinary specializations., international fellowships for joint research, internship opportunities in leading firms of the country and abroad.

IIT Roorkee

Indian Institute of Technology Rookee was established in 1847 in Bristish India by Sir James Thomsan and is the second oldest technical institution in India. Professional field of architecture started as academic programmes of Bachelor in architecture and Master in architecture , in 1956.the architecture  department here has several facilities like computerized design labs, climatology labs and also studios equipped with many art equipment, urban dynamic labs, civic design labs etc.

National Institute of Technology, Calicut

The institute NIT Calicut offers a 5 years bachelor education and 2 years post-graduation in architecture and planning and aims to educate and manufacture such professionals of international quality who can stand in front of every design challenge , planning situation with superior capability  to use geo informatics which includes remote sensing, quantitate analysis in urban planning and environment planning.The department of architecture and planning is ranked fifth in India among best school of   Architecture and it has maintained it position.

CEPT University, Ahemdabad

CEPT was established by The Ahmedabad Education Society AES in the year 1962. The CEPT University has five faculties one of which is School of Planning and Architecture which was established in 1972, With the inception of school of Architecture( SA) through grant in aid from Government of Gujarat. As an academic institution CEPT has the curriculum which include its own diplomas which is recognized by Government of Gujarat. It has faculty of planning which focuses on planning and designing the spaces according to public realm, also has faculty of interior designing realted to interiors , products and craft design. Faculty of management deals with project management, faculty of environmental planning .

SPA Delhi

The School of planning and Architecture Delhi was established in 1941 as Department of Architecture in Delhi Polytechnic. The school was renamed as School of Planning and Architecture in 1959.SPA has attained eminence from Government of India and Ministry of Education and Culture. It was recognised as “An Institute of National importance under Act of Parliament in 2015”.the school has academic programmes for bachelor and master degree. The education system of SPA focuses on knowledge and research for new frontiers and human habitat and environment is the basic factor of education system.

SPA Bhopal

School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal, architectural universities was established by Government of India as an Institute of National importance in the year 2008. SPA beliefs to educate student and produce the upcoming Architect and Planners who can can stand against the challenges of physical and social environmental development of global standards, and to develop the university as ‘University of Imagination’. The institute focuses to create the schools as centre of excellence with the academic programmes for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in planning and architecture.

SPA Vijaywada

School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada was established on july 7,2008 by the Ministry of Human resource development MHRD, Government of India for excellence in field of planning and architecture . it is an autonomous institute and a fully centrally funded technical institute (CFTI) . the institute conducts academic programmes for Bachelor of Architecture, Masters of Architecture , Master of Planning, and Bachelor of Planning and doctor o0f philosophy in these fields.

SIR JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai

The college of architecture, architectural universities was established in the year 1913 and in 2008 it became participant under the United States agency for International Development (USAID),ECO ( Energy  Conservation and Commercialization ) Project by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

The institute has mainly two courses Bachelor of Architecture for 5 years and Masters in Architecture for 2 years. “Shilpsagar” is the magazine launched every year by JJ college and in 2014 it has won the first runner-up prize under “ Best Magazine Educational Institute” category at the ICE Awards 2014 organized by the Shailaja Nair foundation.

Birla Institute of Technology, (BIT) Mesra

The department of Architecture was established at BIT Mesra in the year 1993, by keeping in mind the famous lines and scope of architecture as the art and science of designing space and adding value to a environment. The academic programme includes all the streams and subject, but the institute follows a unique pedagogical methodology that is its hallmark.

The aim of the Department of Architecture is to make innovate professionals who can make significant contribution to advancement of the society. Preparing students with skill and knowledge for leadership in different fields of Architecture.

(MANIT) Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology,Bhopal

The Department of Architecture at MANIT was established in the year 1963 . The planned academic programmes in the department prepare the student for professional careers in design of human settlement and also with the environmental needs of society, students to become professional and to learn to deal with the use of land, housing, transportation, public facilities and open space when it comes to city planning. The vision of the institute has always been promoting and initiating the creative thinking and ideas especially at early stages. Preparing students for contemporary global issues architectural universities.

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