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With expanded access to internet connectivity to the majority of population worldwide, huge data is generated day by day due to which demand for data scientists and data analytics has grown significantly in the past couple of years. It’s a very appropriate time for graduates to pursue their career as data analysts in USA because their demand in the industry is currently outweighing its supply and employers are ready to pay a higher pay packages to fill up job positions. If you are a graduate and are looking forward to choosing data analytics as your career in the USA and are confused about its industry-level job prospects so below, we have mentioned 10 career options in data analytics for graduated in USA.

IT System Analysts  

Graduates can choose to work as an IT system analyst if their core area of interest is working and testing different software. Their day to day work includes thoroughly testing different enterprise information systems under different conditions to determine whether the information system is working as planned or there are still some developments required. Their testing abilities depend upon their technological knowledge, some analysts use third party software to test new systems while others develop their own software which is customized as per organizational needs. The average salary package of IT system analysts in the USA is $68,807 p.a.

Health Care Data Analysts

As the amount of data in the health care sector have increased due to increased use of various health care equipment and various different type of testing in hospitals and clinics. Governments have raised regulations for the usage and retrieval of that data. This has raised the demand of data analysts in the field of health care sector for managing this data. Graduates can apply for the job and it provides an average salary in USA of $61,438 p.a.

Operations Analysts

Graduates who are business savvy can look up for operations analysts as their career. Operations analysts basically have their core area of work in internal processes of business and it requires a tech-savvy nature of mindset to understand the competing operations of a business. Their job is basically at the back end of the organization but some of them also work as private consultants handling both companies and sole proprietors concern. The average salary package of Operations analysts in USA is $75,000.

Data Scientist

It is a position in the organization whose main job is to collect and analyze the data and provide meaningful insights to management, they are able to understand data in a much efficient manner and can apply different analytical tools which further helps them in making relevant predictions from that data. Their role requires knowledge of various analytical tools and also of programming languages like python and R for analyzing the data. The average salary package of Data scientists in USA is $91,494.

Data Engineer

The job of a data engineer is very different and of unique nature from other career options in data analytics. Their major focus is on large data sets and finding innovative ideas to optimize organizational processes and systems according to the need of different data analytics process. Due to their unique job description which involves the requirement of an innovative mind their average salary package in USA is $90,000 p.a.

Quantitative Analyst

A quantitative analyst has to operate in the field in finance and investment, by using data analytics tools they determine whether a particular investment provides an appropriate return or it has to be withdrawn. They also use data analytics tool to determine risk factor associated with a particular investment. Graduates can consider this career if they have an interest in the field of finance along with proper knowledge of data analytics. Due to the prominent nature of the job, quantitative analysts generally get an average salary in USA of $82,000 p.a.

Data Analytics Consultants

The primary job of an analytics consultant is to analyze the data and provide meaningful insights to the management of the company for further growth of the business. The reason which differentiates analytics consultant from data analyst is that an analyst consultant can work with many companies at the same time as an employee but can also choose to incorporate a separate firm and provide services to many clients. Graduates wants to have a job which provide exposure to many industries and is not of standard nature can choose data analytics consultant as their career. Average salary for this job position in USA is $78,264 p.a.

Digital Marketing Manager

One of the hot topics when we talk about career options is digital marketing. Their role involves analyzing traffic in websites and social media platform by using various analysis, some digital marketing manager uses third party analytics tool while others use custom built tool as per organizations requirements. Marketing professionals who work for multinational companies always finds a need of data analytics to make smart decisions about how to use the company’s resources in an effective way. Due to the necessity of data analysts in the process of decision making their maximum salary raises up to even $90,000 p.a.

Project Manager

Graduates who have interest in working and coordinating with team may pursue their career as a project manager. Project managers are required to have only basic understanding of data analytics and are required to keep a log of task progress and performance of the team. These job positions are generally found in management consultancy firms. Average salary of a project manager in USA is $73,000 p.a.

Transportation Logistics Specialist

Transportation logistics specialist are generally hired by large shipping companies. Their job is to analyze large sets of data and provide information about the most efficient path of delivery of products and services. Graduates having detail oriented nature and a futuristic mindset can look forward for a career as transportation logistics specialist. Their average salary in USA is $79,000 p.a.  

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