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Population of the United States is more interested in formal education system. Graduation is earning a bachelor’s degree and after graduation next step to fly is masters. In US more than 1000 colleges offer programs to a graduate degree in various fields. Let us have a glance on one of the field i.e. Law is one of the key to social change. Each country requires set of rules and regulations to avoid any criminal offence and with a view of getting hold over false actions of its members. Hence, it has wide range of scope in every country. In this blog you will find Top 10 Career options in the field of Law for graduates in US.

According to the research the legal service provider industries in United States has generated approximately 255 billion and this gives a clear idea about the demand of Law or Legal services in US is at peak. The present generation of lawyers has immense opportunity and competition in the field of Law. Lawyers are required in every sector and industry. In a research (approx) annual wages of lawyers were determined in Top 5 US industries

  • Finance and Insurance – $134,940
  • Federal Government – $134,690
  • Legal Services – $116,630
  • Local Government excluding hospitals – $87,140
  • State Government – 79,220

Following are the Top 10 career opportunities in Law for a US Graduate

Litigation and Trial Lawyer

1 33

Litigation or Trial Lawyers are also known as litigation attorneys represents plaintiff and defendants in the court of law. They go through different phases like investigation, pleading, drafting, settlement and appeal process. Task varies depending upon the nature of the dispute whether it is civil or criminal.

General Counsels

 Professionals in General Counsels also known as chief legal officer (CLO) and their responsibilities include identifying the legal problems in all types of departments. They often handle administrative activities on other hand lawyers handle more complicated legal works. Their duties also include crisis management and public policy advocacy. At times, companies hire in-house counsel to manage special activities like taxation mergers and acquisitions, labor law and intellectual property. They receive an executive-level salary and can make more money through stocks. 


Judges are the one who takes final decision in dispute after analyzing and understanding the proofs and facts of both the parties. They get luxurious and various benefits, their expenses and retirement plans are take care by the Government.


1 34

Academics include role of teaching faculty and professors in a law school. This field is again very competitive and in great demand. To be qualified for this role one requires a law degree, higher grades, teaching experience and legal practice. In US it is one of the top-paid jobs. 

Arbitrators and Mediators

 Professionals in this field are expertise or have immense knowledge in a specific industry. They hear both the parties i.e. plaintiff and defendants and act as a third party between them. They look after the settlement between both the parties.

Litigation Supporters

 It includes organizing and presenting case materials and facts. Professionals earn handsome salary in litigation support roles. They assist attorneys in managing, abstracting and indexing the large number of data. They might also develop data management strategies in courtroom.

Legal Specialist 

There is rapid increase in the popularity of Legal Specialist role. The legal specialist is involved in scheduling, obtaining equipments, facts as well as editing the presentations and notes also, looking after the accuracy. In other words Making decisions and solving problems, resolving disputes are the responsibilities of legal specialist. Salary varies to $33k-85k

Law Firm Administration

A legal administrator has various responsibilities for managing aspects of daily activities of law firm or any legal department. His duties may include budgeting operations, office space arrangements, gathering and looking after other employees in the legal department. The law firm administrator is responsible for six major areas of operation

  1. Finance
  2. Human Resource
  3. Other Facilities
  4.  Information Technology
  5. Marketing and Business development
  6. Office services.

International Organizations

It includes legal practitioners or lawyers where they can get chance to work with International Bar Association, UN, International Charities.  It is not among the top paying jobs although opportunities are available for new graduates rather than intern or volunteer. Students and graduates with law background come up with their interest in international relations and may be keen on working with international organizations.

Law Firm recruiter or consultant

A law firm consultant guides or advises legal firms in their daily running and practices. They assist in all the practices of the firm whether it is front office or accounting or clients meetings and cases. The applicant must have attend law school and earn a Juris Doctorate to become a legal consultant or bachelor’s degree. Legal consultant employees also receive benefits of life insurance, vacation and sick leave. According to the Bureau of Labor Statics the median salary in this field is $119,250 as of 2018.

Law has a broader category and has tremendous demand overtime which will never decrease. 

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