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Everyone one of us chooses to pick a different career option to pursue. If after doing some discussions with your mind if you choose to build a career in graphic designing then you must know that this career provides you with not just one but a varying degree of job options to choose from. Being a graphic design graduate provides you with the capability to use your creativity in a variety of job profiles. So before investing your precious time and investment you might want to know some details about potential jobs. In this guide, we have covered the top 10 career options in graphic designing for graduates in the USA.

Graphic Designer

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Graphics Designers’ job includes developing beautiful graphics and logos for companies, websites, etc. Their work is not restricted to one industry, they provide their services in various ways to different companies as per their requirements. If a person works as a graphic designer for a video game production company having a duty of designing a cover art to be used in the advertising campaign, can be considered an example of a graphic designer’s job.

Creative Director

Creative directors are the one who leads a complete team of graphics designers and also works along with them. They provide a vision of working to the whole team and takes care that the overall theme of the project is maintained while working in a group. Generally, graphic designers who are equipped with leadership skills and managing skills are chosen for this job.

User Experience (UX) Designer

UX designer is a perfect role for tech-savvy graphic designers as it requires an interest in web development along with good graphic designing skills. Their major role is to review the process and think and develop out of the box ideas for making companies products and processes more interactive and enjoyable to the user. They also test newly developed systems and provide their opinion on the glitches if found while using it and ways to make it more interactive with the user. The number of students in the USA pursuing a specialization in UX designing and then working with this specialization has increased for the past 10 years.

User Interface (UI) Designer

The role of a UI designer is tethered with the role of UX designer. They focus on designing every aspect of the product whose map is designed by UX designers. They come up with ideas on how every screen and page is to be designed and what tools users find necessary while using the product and which makes the usage of the product easy and interactive.

Production Artist


Production Artists are hired for giving a finishing touch to the production – whether it is computer graphics, art, or in any other format. While providing final touch they can provide their suggestions on improvements to the product. Their job requires complete knowledge of designing as well as computer application to some extent. While working as a production artist for an agency you are going to get exposure to working with specialists from different fields that can mould you into a successful designer.

Product Developer

The product developer role includes managing the creation and development of a product. Their duties keep on changing day by day as per the product which they were assigned with bu the common role include performing industry research and presenting the product to the stakeholders of the company and working on the development of the product. This profile a significant exposure in the industry since with every new product assigned product developers will get an opportunity to learn and perform new tasks.

Art Director

They have the responsibility for developing visual style and content for magazines, newspapers, movies, and television. They develop the whole design and direct other designers to make their part by keeping that design into consideration. They work closely with the client or employer to understand their ideas regarding the visual style and to understand the final objective of the campaign. Working as an art director requires working with specialists from various fields and significantly help to build up a network that helps in career development.

Marketing Specialists


Graphic designing graduates in the US who are multiskilled especially in the field of marketing and are willing to learn new things are considered fit for the job of marketing specialists. Their profile consists of the job to analyze the target market, initiating a marketing campaign, analyzing the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, and finding innovative ideas to promote the product or service in a better way.

Multimedia Artist or animator

These days more brands are focusing on increasing their online presence by using visual products. Multimedia artists are hired to design complex graphics and animations using different modeling programs. Animators are required to be always up to date with the latest platforms to design media content for employers or clients. In the US market, there is a boom in demand for multimedia artists due to the need for all businesses to increase their online presence.


Graphic designers can also work as a freelancer in almost all the profiles mentioned above. Those who don’t want to stick to a single agency and have a stunning portfolio of work and experience can easily work as a fulltime freelancer and can fine freelance project. Designers can also start working as a freelancer during their free time especially on weekdays along with working as an employee with a company. There is a start-up in the USA named “Upwork” where freelancers can upload their resume and find a freelance project.

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