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If you are of the opinion that working for the Federal Government is going to make you a boring bureaucrat by nature and not going to fill your pockets with a lot of currency, well! your assumption might be wrong. Federal Government jobs can turn out to be some of the most interesting and well-paying jobs out there. Though the competition for breaking into one is tough, hard work can provide you with the security and charm of a government job. Below we have mentioned 10 prominent government jobs for graduates in the USA.

Program Manager

Program managers have job opportunities in various departments of government like the US customs and energy department, they usually work with more than one department at once to make sure all departments work efficiently to complete the long-term objective of the government. Graduates who have some experience in the field of project management and with excellent communication skills can look up for this career opportunity. The average annual salary of a Project Manager in the USA is around $141,595.

Astronomy and Space scientist 

Graduates whose core area of interest is space research can choose to work as an astronomy and space scientist and build up their career in this field. Their profile plays a major role in supporting space missions and conducting space research. NASA and the National Science Foundation are among the major recruiters in the USA whose preferred candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in physic and maths. The annual salary of a Federal Astronomer working in the USA makes is around $162,000.

Chief Engineer

Being a chief engineer is well paying and interesting job, primarily they work with national oceanic and atmospheric administration and generally onboarded on ships that leave the port for the purpose of international studies and oceanic research. They are the highest command on the ship after the captain. Graduates in the USA who hold a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering or mechanical engineering are fit to apply for the job, though the competition is very tough and that’s why they are high earners in the USA getting an annual salary over $161,000.

General Mathematician and Statistician

Mathematicians and Statisticians hired by the US government have jobs related to identifying trends and extracting relevant data from the census conducted. They are hired by various government organizations including investigating agencies like the FBI. Statisticians who work for investigating agencies of the USA often get a chance to work as a special agent around the world. Graduates with a major in maths and statistics can choose to opt for these jobs. The average annual pay package of a general mathematician and statistician working with the US government is $150,000.

Technical Systems Program Manager

Working as a technical system program manager provides a completely different experience than a typical 9 to 5 job, it requires hard work and a lot of dedication for the job. Their primary is reviewing the safety program of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), their duties involve coordinating with heads of different departments for the smooth functioning of the airport technical system. Graduates who want to work with the FAA for the position of Technical System Program Manager needs in the field of airport planning and engineering. The average annual pay package of the Technical System Program manager working with the US government is $200,000.

Patent Administrator

When a person comes up with some new invention that is not unique or is difficult to imitate by competitors, that invention is eligible for protection in the form of a patent. All the paperwork and other formalities for registration of a patent are managed by the patent administrator, they ensure all regularity requirement related to registration of a patent is followed. Graduates having some engineering knowledge can apply for the job. The average annual package of the patent administrator in the USA is $187,000.

Administrative Law Judge

Their primary responsibility is to look after the claims against different government programs. They work for various agencies that work under the government. Graduates having a legal background and the relevant experience can look for this field to build up their career. The average annual package of the Administrative Law Judge in the USA is $187,000.

Nurse Anesthetist

These are the nurses who administer anesthesia in the hospital and are among the highest-paid nurses in the industry. Their job includes understanding lab results and setting up and using ventilators, after the substantial experience they are also able to recognize the symptoms and causes of diseases. For becoming a nurse anesthetist a person must be a graduate and have to qualify a national level certificate examination. The average salary of a Federal Nurse Anesthetist in the USA is $207,000.

Patent Attorney

Patent attorneys are experts in the field of patent laws and their implementation. They work with the U.S. patent and trademark office and are involved in making patent laws and providing their expert opinion while making trade agreements. Graduates having a legal background and relevant experience of the apprenticeship under a patent attorney are fit for the job. The average salary of a Federal Patent Attorney in the USA is $190,000 p.a.

Security Compliance Examiner

Financial frauds conducted by a company can have a pervasive effect not only on the company but on the economy and general public as well. Security compliance examiner has the responsibility to look up to these frauds and uncover these scams. They conduct audits of different organizations and individual run businesses and report the outcome to security and exchange commission. Graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance along with relevant experience can look for this job.  The highest salary of security compliance examiner in the USA is $250,000 p.a.

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