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Top 5 gadgets for working professionals

Its 2020, anything you could imagine could be an actual thing or at least could be developed easily with enough motivation (maybe not water cars, but you know what I’m saying). This motivation has led us to develop and innovate gadgets that are so easy to use, they often become necessary. While using these gadgets to deal with your actual issue, they can, passively, help to increase productivity.
So let’s get to solving your workplace anxiety and stress or even other issues.

1. Fidget Cube or Pen

Fidget Pen - Life Changing Products

It was only a year ago when people went gaga over fidget spinners (it hardly worked for anxiety) but fidget cubes are at the very top in the list of gadgets that can aid your workplace anxiety. They are close to perfect to help you reduce stress if you have a habit of fidgeting with something or the other. For better or worse, work place anxiety has become so common that it has made fidget cubes very popular and even fashionable. These cubes are mostly affordable and easily accessible online as well as offline. They are like a toy that you could take with you to office.
And well, they are cute too.

There are fidget pens also which are made for similar reasons as a fidget cube. Nowadays, companies are developing these pens for additional uses too, like a torch on the top or even a memory device. You could say that these pens are tiny wonders. They, too, are available easily.

2. Solar charger

What’s better than a charger and even better than looking around for sockets everywhere you go, solar charger and solar charger. All you have to do is find a spot that allows direct sunlight and place your solar charge to charge your phone. It’s either a stick-to-wall or stick-to-window so that it has easy access to sunlight. If you let your charger to reserve energy through the day, you could even use it at night. So, invest in a solar charger right now, if you like to work out in the open.
There’s nothing better than a gadget that uses clean energy and this one looks very sleek too.

3. Apple Smartwatch


Gone are the days when we used watches to only check time or just something to wear on your wrist. With smart technologies renewed every day, our watches have only become smarter and there’s no better watch in market than Apple’s. It has more uses than you can count on your hands (or your hands and toes combined).

From tracking your health, answering calls, sending messages, recording voicemails, using calculator, planning agendas for your day, getting directions, sending an SOS till controlling other electronic devices via it, it’s your one go-to gadget. It’s the first thing you should invest in when it comes to gadgets. You should always opt for this over a normal watch, if you could.

Though, refrain from showing it off, because it’s too efficient and useful to only use it to show it off or brag about it.

4. Lumo Lift


It’s no secret that a working professional or anybody for that matter can sit upright for more than a few minutes. Even after days of slogging yourself in gym to correct your posture, as soon as you sit with your phone or laptop you will start slouching. Lumo Lift is a tiny device that you attach to your clothing and which sends a mild vibration every time to begin to slouch. It’s like a corrective guilt in a form of a device that will keep nagging you to sit upright. More than half the number of working professionals all around the world have weird back pains or bad posture or physical stress due sitting in one position for longer hours. If you are one of them or even if you’re not, invest in Lumo lift to save your future self from these problems.

5. Feet Hammock or Under Desk Elliptical

First, just take some time to fascinate about the idea of a feet hammock. Although, it’s not electronic like other gadgets mentioned, its equally useful to help you stay relaxed while at work. If you are as uncomfortable and particular as me when it comes to keeping your legs over something, anything, under your desk, then a feet hammock is just the tool. Get yourself one and attach it under your desk and stay relaxed throughout the day.

Although, if you are very particular about your fitness then a perfect substitute is an under desk Elliptical. It will keep your legs moving even while sitting. You can go on for hours exercising with it while also being busy with your work. With an Elliptical, you can easily complete your daily targets of 10,000 steps also while sitting, I mean, you can’t ask for anything better than this. So get your hands (or feet) on these cool gadgets right now.


This was our list of top gadgets you should invest in if you are a working professional, too!

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