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Top 8 Canadian companies that hire Environmental Engineering graduates

Environmental or Ecological engineering is the part of designing where the standards of soil science, chemistry knowledge, and biology knowledge are applied to improve and shield the earth from antagonistic natural impacts. Architects in this field of study help improve squander removal, reusing, control of water and air contamination, and general wellbeing.


At the hour of composing, there is a harmony between the interest and work requirements for ecological specialists in Canada. The activity standpoint for natural architects in Canada shifts significantly relying upon the area or region engineers are taking a gander at.

Here is a list of the top 8 Environmental Engineering companies in Canada :



CIMA+ is a guiding firm that works in planning, wandering the administrators, urban masterminding, new progressions, and the earth. It was set up in 1990 and has created to be most likely perhaps the best boss in Canada. The firm directly has close to 2,000 specialists in 30 work environments across Canada similarly as 5 work environments in Africa.

Organizations offered by CIMA+ stretch out from imperativeness foundation and ordinary resource working to the appraisal of air quality, prosperity and common impact considers, geomatics, and investigating. They in like manner offer specific organizations in 3D breadths and robots, elective transport models, BIM, virtual arrangement and advancement, similarly as dispatching and city asset the board.

Delegates at CIMA+ can value a motivating work environment, be a bit of a combination of adjusted tasks for organization improvement, and check out the association’s worth hypothesis program. Normal pros in Canada can join the firm as a significant part of the gatherings in condition and geotechnics, urban masterminding, and scene building. Occurrences of normal business occupations are adventure engineers in wastewater treatment and senior endeavor bosses. it is one of the best companies for Environmental engineering.

DST Consulting Engineers Inc.

DST Consulting Engineers Inc. is a division of the Englobe Corp that offers organizations, for instance, regular directing, building condition examination, geotechnical planning and effect advising. A part of the regions that the association works in are mining, essentialness, government and structure.

As a person from the Englobe Corp, the association has in excess of 2,000 laborers with 50 work environments across Canada. DST Consulting Engineers started its errands during the 1950s as Dominion Soil Investigations. It later created and changed its name to DST Consulting Engineers Inc. during the 1990s.

As a delegate, benefits go from staff outstanding portions allowed to get-together and singular duties, laborer ownership decisions, and an instructive expense and master cost reimbursement program. Environmental draftsmen in Canada can take up positions, for instance, geotechnical/common originator, biological endeavor boss, and present day tidiness/hazardous materials engineer.

ICF International

ICF International is a US-based, overall guiding organizations association that combines aptitude with forefront responsibility capacities. Its basic point is to help clients with understanding complex challenges, investigate change, and shape what’s to come.

A segment of the organizations that ICF International has worked for consolidate failure recovery, imperativeness, biological, budgetary and purchaser, government, prosperity, and convenience. Its organizations offered are generally on key masterminding and guidance, data science and assessment, progressed and adventure development, exhibiting and duty, and program execution.

ICF International has been in movement for over 50 years and has various work environments over the globe recalling work environments for Calgary, Regina, and Toronto. Laborers get the chance to acknowledge medi-visa emergency travel help, self-guided online courses and reimbursement for accreditations and degree programs. Positions generally open to normal planners fuse environmental logical master, biological coordinator, and natural ace.



McElhanney Ltd is a laborer guaranteed association in Canada that offers structuring, investigating, organize masterminding, GIS and far away distinguishing, scene designing, and regular organizations. It has in excess of 30 zones in the country with specialty satellite work environments in Newfoundland, Labrador, Ontario, and Florida in the USA. Its gathering of in excess of 1000 specialists coordinates to improve Western Canada’s social order, transportation frameworks, and resource adventures.

McElhanney Ltd is one of the most settled self-sufficiently guaranteed constructing and exploring firms in Canada. The association was set up in 1910 and has continued giving quality work to its customers for over 100 years.

Productive contenders can acknowledge association benefits like capable unforeseen development and preparing help. Occupations routinely open in the business consolidate water and wastewater structure engineer, water resources engineer, and geotechnical engineer. it is one of the best companies for Environmental engineering.

QM Environmental

QM Environmental is a characteristic and mechanical organizations association that offers various kinds of help to its customers. This consolidates demolition and decommissioning, biological remediation, risky materials decrease, emergency response and the administrators, waste the board and workplaces, water treatment, present day organizations, and getting ready.

It has in excess of 700 delegates in 10 working environments the country over. The association has worked with affiliations, schools, and lodgings among others since its establishment. It has gathered its reputation on security, decency, skill and passing on included worth.

Agents are offered access to various prosperity and life benefits including getting ready and capable progression openings from significantly arranged specialists, eminent working conditions, an expansive undertaking to lift prosperity and security to its laborers, and diverse social and system responsibility, for instance, biking and event themed get-togethers to help neighborhood great motivation. Biological draftsmen in Canada can land key situations, for instance, site executive for remediation and EHS facilitator.


Stantec is an overall arrangement and movement firm with in excess of 400 working environments around the globe. The association was set up during the 1950s as a one-singular firm and has created to use in excess of 22,000 specialists in 6 terrains.

Stantec offers a wide bunch of organizations including flawless and supportable force source, power-applications building, systems planning and mix, recuperation and updates similarly as biological organizations. Its market scope consolidates periphery convergences, preparing, metro and social, condition and prosperity.

Laborers of Stantec get the chance to take an enthusiasm with arrange duty works out, for instance, blessings, sponsorships, and contributing, and be locked in with its ingenuity and headway program. Occupations that normal fashioners can apply for join hydrologist, water resources expert, and solid waste organization engineer. it is one of the best companies for Environmental engineering.

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.

SNC-Lavalin is a Canadian-based association that offers various sorts of help by and large including arrangement, directing, advancement, planning, similarly as movement and backing. Its market scope ranges from city improvement, condition and geoscience, mechanical and amassing, minerals and metallurgy, water, transportation and security, aeronautics and defend.

SNC-Lavalin has in excess of 50 work environments around the world which offer kinds of help, for instance, advising and cautioning employments, shrewd frameworks and cybersecurity, structure and building, acquisition, undertaking and improvement the administrators, and decommissioning. Moreover, with the progressing combining of SNC-Lavalin and Atkins, delegate points of interest will be better and overall open entryways improved.

Teck Resources Limited


Teck Resources Limited profoundly regards being Canada’s greatest separated resource association. It is correct currently working in Canada, the United States, Peru, and Chile. Teck Resources Limited produces materials, for instance, steelmaking coal, zinc, copper, and essentialness rough materials. The association’s approach to manage reasonability is based on six zones: biodiversity, air, system, imperativeness and natural change, people, and water.

Teck Resources Limited has been working together since the 1910s. The association has exercises and errands in the Asia Pacific, North and South America, Africa, and Europe. It was starting late threw a polling form one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers with high evaluations expressly on organize commitment, physical workplace, cash related points of interest, and compensation, similarly as in prosperity and family-obliging preferences. Business employments for characteristic engineers in Canada consolidate mine pro, water quality organization, and natural coordinator.

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