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Top 8 Future Jobs for New generation

The world has entered the fourth industrial revolution which consists of technological advancements and unmatched growth of the information and technology sector. The time when humans get replaced by automated machines is not far away. In this new era, career options will also evolve. The new generation is also becoming more open-minded and willing to take risks and try new jobs instead of going into the traditional professions of becoming a doctor or an engineer. This article lists the top 10 most promising future jobs for the new generation.

Big Data Engineers

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With businesses transferring to online platforms, there is a huge amount of useful customer data that needs to be tapped and utilized. Big data analysts know how to comprehend and segregate such large databases. Since organisations are constantly trying to increase their digital presence, such data analysts will be in great demand for the future. The customer data helps in understanding and building customer loyalty. Technology enthusiasts should consider pursuing a career in this field.



Having your own start-up is becoming a fast-growing trend among the younger generations. Individuals have so many useful and unique ideas to share with the world. If your idea is worth it then an investor will definitely be willing to help you reach greater heights. However, becoming a young entrepreneur comes with its own challenges and difficulties. It is important to explore the market well before thinking about starting your own business in any field.

Data Science

Becoming a data scientist can prove to be extremely beneficial in the future. A data scientist is someone who knows how to combine science with consumer behaviour to derive appropriate conclusions. If you know how to use scientific tools and technologies for extracting information from customer reviews and preferences then you will be an asset to your company. It aids in taking the first-mover advantage and remaining ahead of other competitors by retaining customer base and helps in the development of brand loyalty.

Digital Marketing

The competition between online shopping brands is on the rise. Everyone is shifting from going to the grocery store to placing an order online for convenient and quick delivery. Fashion websites such as Shein.com have gained immense popularity. Digital marketers have excellent knowledge about e-commerce and since customers are becoming more technology savvy it is necessary to divert them to websites and product pages to increase sales. Digital marketers can do such promotion very well.

Machine Learning

Machine Banner

If you have sharp programming skills and a knack for mathematics and statistics then this is the right career path for you. Machine learning has a lot of scope or job for new generations. It is in high demand because companies all over the globe are trying to adapt to new technologies to function effectively and efficiently. Just like a linguist who knows how to convert French to English, you can become a computational linguist if you find computer language intriguing.

Career Counsellor

Certified career counsellor

The demand for career counselling is increasing by the day. With people taking wrong career paths and young adolescents completely confused about which one to choose from the wide variety of options, a trained counsellor can act a guide and role model. You can read articles about how to become a career counsellor and find out more about career counselling by visiting websites such as CareerGuide. Students generally take help from their parents or teachers but when they face any difficulties, a career counsellor can help them take the path of light instead of digressing towards the dark and wrong paths.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is the most popular form of Distributed Ledger Technology. Every cryptocurrency is built on it. A blockchain developer is a person who knows how to build this. Blockchain developers are responsible for the life cycle of the blockchain starting from research to analysis to development and implementation. Various programming languages, interfaces and features are used to develop these. Since it is an upcoming career and very few experts are there, the salaries are quite high in this field.

Growth Hacker

Growth Hacking job for new generations

A growth hacker helps in merging marketing with technology. It is possible to get a large number of followers in just a few days if growth hacking is used.  A good growth hacker will be able to use knowledge from management and from science and increase the outreach of any organisation digitally. It also involves using Search Engine Optimization. It is an interesting field and not many people are aware of it. For this, you must know the basics of marketing and analytics. Growth hacking is a highly sought after position in the industry.

With new developments, career opportunities are increasing and young adults are free to explore based on their interests and abilities. There is scope for everyone to learn, grow, network and share. So find what suits you best!

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