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IT working professional have extraordinary demand in this modern world. The Information Technology industry works at a much faster speed compared to other industries.

IT professionals are in demand because of cybersecurity, data science, cloud computing and many avenues in this field.


google for IT working professional

Google’s work environment is very energetic and the dress code is casual. Company hires people with bright and intellectual minds. Campus like environment is set in CA headquarters and it has many attractive facilities, if you ever happen to work there, it will feel like a campus with club facilities i.e. gym, café, dorm, snack rooms and much more.

Google has this great policy in which employees’ creativity increases and their productivity too. In this policy 20-percentage of time, employees have to spend on the projects they are interested in and by doing so employees are happy and it is also good for business.

The top company recommended for IT working professionals is GOOGLE.

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apple image  for IT working professional

Apple corporation is an American multinational company. It has its headquarters situated in California which handles designs, sells, online services and develops electronics and computer software. It has reached a long way and developed many things including its own operating system, which makes it unique than others.

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Microsoft corporation

microsoft office  for IT working professional

Microsoft corporation is the largest as per the consideration in the field. Products like Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Windows, etc. are the most used products by professionals all across the world. Microsoft is trying to lead a new generation of Technology.

It is focusing on innovative projects like AI, cloud computing to drive and machine learning which will provide the power to generate solutions from many users in many ways and will be able to build a strong digital foundation. Microsoft is 1st highest revenue earning in the software industry.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HP enterprise  for IT working professional

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has enabled its users to be able to enjoy technology with the changing environment. It is one of the leading technology enterprises providing such service.

HP is a multinational company and has its own research labs known as HP Labs. They have developed technologies to create opportunities for more IT proficients and have a very dynamic portfolio. They have a great comprehensive product range. 

Click here to know more about HP.


oracle for IT working professional

Headquarters of Oracle corporation is located in California and it is one of the renowned companies in America. Oracle company is handling JavaScript developing. This company is 2nd highest revenue earning in the software industry. It is most known for ERP solutions, supply chain management and database development and management. Oracle has a wide customer range across the world.

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IBM for IT working professional

International Business Machine (IBM) is an American corporation and is operating in more than 150 countries across the globe. It started originally as a computing recording company but after some period of time it was named as IBM (International Business Machines) and its headquarters are located in New York. It is well known for its software products and its services. IBM mainly earns from its data analytics, cognitive computing, internet of things, security, cloud computing and it’s a good IT infrastructure. In 2017, IBM successfully upgraded its rank as the leading enterprise. That position was for blockchain and cloud services leader for the business.

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Accenture for IT working professional

Accenture has been enlisted in the list of fortune global 500 companies. It provides professional services as a global management consulting firm, like consulting, strategy, operations service and technology. Accenture means accent of the future. The company employs more than 4,00,000 people globally. It has various business units to contribute to Accenture’s revenue generation. Digital marketing analytics and mobility services are also provided by the Accenture consulting firm. 

Accenture technology focuses on technology solution implementation, research and development in their technology labs for upcoming era technological advances. Accenture services also provides strategic guidance in operation, business and technology. 

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dell for IT working professional

Computer technology company that develops, repairs, supports and sells computers and it’s related services and products. Dell is an American multinational company.

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samsung for IT working professional

It is a South Korean multinational company. It’s headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It is a combination of multiple businesses under the Samsung company. Initially, it was a trading company founded by Lee Byung-Chul with the same name – Samsung.

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There are many IT companies out there to employ you but it is in your hand to choose what is best for you. The audience here on careerguide website are like my friends and I have created the best IT companies for working professionals as mentioned above. Go through its products range and how much revenue it generates.

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