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Here are the top 9 part-time jobs for working professional to earn extra money as a pocket money.

Content writing

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Content writing is a job which will take to another direction than that of your work and it will be something different in your day. You’ll need to research the topic and write according to the limits given. With the extra earnings, you’ll be able to know something every day and that is the beauty of this job. You can go to an exotic spot which wakes up your creativity demon to write articles and various tasks given from the part-time job you applied for.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing jobs have commerce and technological roots. In digital marketing, one have to do following tasks : (varies according to the respective company you are working for)

  • Marketing research on products, company is currently involved in.
  • Creating specific documents about the product or about demand in the market and other aspects.
  • Managing the company’s social media platforms.
  • Writing content about products.

These are some common tasks, every company offers and tasks gradually vary according to their need. Many people who have good experience in digital marketing or social marketing have good scope in handling the job well, as freshers take very long to set up.

Social work

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If at the end of the day you really want to do social work and contribute to society then you should apply for this job. There are two optional ways to approach doing this job. If you like to do social work physically then you have to do a part-time job in that particular company by being present physically or you can do online social work too, now due to more outreach to people through the internet, this way of social working is also available.

Below are some of the common tasks given from the company hiring you for social work.

  • Managing programs set by company.
  • To connect fundraisers
  • Help in social work
  • To do general tasks provided by supervisors.

Graphic designing

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing job narrows the number of people who can apply for the job, as it depends on the skills of graphic designing to get selected. Mainly students of computer background or students who are curious about graphic designing learn how to design and edit pictures and videos. They have to use specific applications for graphic designing.

Below are some tasks mostly given to people doing part-time jobs in graphic designing.

  • Creating logos or advertisements or creative pieces of work according to instructions.
  • Design posts for social media.

Web development

Image 4
Image 4

In a web development job, you have a chance of working on websites or creating one. People who already are in this profession can do it much easier and faster. Knowledge of web development is a must to do this part-time job.

Below are some tasks most companies give.

  • Work on websites using tools like WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.
  • Maintain the website.
  • Work on back ends, optimization and various plugins.

Data entry

Image 3

In data entry, a person has to transfer and alter data according to instructions. A person doesn’t need much qualification to do the job, they need to know the basics of renaming a document and some applications like excel, Tally, etc.

Below are some basic tasks which have to be performed if you apply for this job.

  • Making data entries from one to another application.
  • To change data type.
  • To change names and sequence of given data in forms of image, text or video.

Online coaching

Teacher 1276266 1920

Online coaching is an interesting job, many people love to teach and this can be their queue for applying to this job. It doesn’t exhaust your energy, you just have to prepare notes as you like so throughout the process of teaching the flow of the topic remains constant. It is the most famous for part-time jobs for working professionals.

Below are some common tasks that you have to do on this job.

  • Taking online classes
  • Taking online tests or quizzes
  • Developing study related content.

Software testing

Image 1

Software testing is a very nice job for people with a computer background. In this job, you have to do some simple tasks as below and you’ll get what you have to do.

  • Testing specific software given by the company.
  • Check for bugs and report them.
  • Write a document about it.
  • Suggest repairs.

Many people do this job full-time and you can do it from home and that is it’s perk.


Image 2

Transcribing is the most simple but lengthy job. You have to choose what audio you want to transcribe and have to write everything said in that audio or video file. Transcribing audios and videos in definite language specified by the company.


Above mentioned are some online and offline jobs you can apply as a working professional to kill time or to earn extra income. Some jobs are very interesting and many people opt for this type of job as the job like content writing is a hobby for some people, so they do jobs like this out of interest. Hope this part-time jobs for working professional help you.

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