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If you are interested in the top hotel management courses in delhi you are in the right place!

Hotel management as a career is very exciting and passionate, and the job prospects after the hotel management courses are endless. Hotel management Is a course that includes a diverse variety of career opportunities such as hotel manager, room division services, travel and tourism, culinary services, and also food and beverage services. The top hotel management courses are intended to mold the personality of the students in a way that will be pleasing and warm to the customers, and loyal and obedient to the organization. Hotel management is an industry that is reported the fastest growing industry in recent times. And that is why investing your time and efforts in these courses will lead to bright for the students in the future.

Delhi is not just the capital and geographic center of India but also academic hub of India. Many thousands of travel from various different states and countries to study in Delhi. And if you are a student who is wishing to get a good college in Delhi which provides world class education about the hotel management industry, this blog is for you.

The hotel management is a very popular career option as it is gaining recognition and the importance that it deserves. Managing the hotel administration, catering, keeping track of guests’ check-ins and check-outs, room services, hygiene and sanitization, marketing, account keeping, and many more tasks are all included in hotel management. In various Top Hotel Management Courses, the subject structures are a little bit diverse. Diploma courses don’t explore farther into the curriculum, but bachelor’s and master’s level courses in hotel management do. Students must be able to understand the importance of study they desire for the subject and the type of career they hope to pursue. 

A job in top hotel management in delhi is particularly exciting and tempting since it gives students and employees the chance to work in some of the most popular locations, including 5-star hotels, casinos, restaurants, nightclubs, conferences, formal and informal events, and many more locations. Taking this course can open up a number of fascinating work opportunities. You get to interact with new people every day, travel to other locations, learn about new cultures, and discover new things. But to be able to work in the top hotel management organizations or hotels you need to find a perfect course and perfect institute to learn about the administration and working of a hotel. And that is why we have made a list of top Hotel Management courses and the institutes or colleges from which you can pursue it.

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The Swiss International Professional Diploma courses are the best course for Hotel Management not only in India but also in the world. The Swiss programs are the best globally approved programs of hospitality management which is offered by the CIIIH. The Swiss programs that are offered by the CIIIH are approved by the VET (Vocational Education and training programs) and the ITC is the only organization of hotel management on such a large scale in the entire country. ITC is an Indian Limited organization which has hotels all over India. ITC manages and operates all the luxury hotels in India. The moto of the ITC hotels is to provide responsible luxury and world class services. The hotels that comes under this company are all 5-star hotels and are recognized for their finest services. As the ITC is so widespread, it has it’s own hospitality management courses that are taught by the experienced professionals. The best hospitality management courses are provided by the ITC company in the entire country. The collaboration of the globally approved Swiss programs under CIIIH with India’s best Hotel industry ITC makes it your best option for making a successful career. The Swiss program’s duration is 18 months.

The students are taught the following topics extensively:

  • Administration of Hotels
  • Culinary practices
  • Rooms division and services
  • Travel and Tourism 
  • Maintenance and Hygiene 

The best campus for Hospitality Management in Delhi is the CII Institute of Hospitality- ITC Maurya. The ITC Maurya is renowned for its great infrastructure and beautiful location. ITC is India’s one of the best luxury hotels have 412 rooms and 25 suites. It not only offers world-class cuisines but also beautiful venues for conferences or events.

CIIIH offers three distinct programs: culinary, food and beverage services, and lodging. CII Institute of Hospitality is in collaboration with EHL and has created one of a kind Industry-led vocational program in hospitality. This institute provides education administration programs:-

1. The Swiss International Culinary Professional Diploma

2. Swiss International Food and Beverage Service Professional Diploma

3. Swiss International Rooms Professional Diploma


CULINARY ARTS PROGRAM BY IHM (Institute of Hotel management) PUSA. 

IHM is one of the finest institutes of top hotel management. The IHM Pusa is located in Delhi and has provided top-class undergraduate and postgraduate programs in hotel management. The top Hotel Management courses institute has been approved and certified by the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which is a food safety management that makes sure that the food does not consist of any chemical, biological or physical hazards.  The Bachelor’s course of the IHM Pusa is especially recognized for the Culinary and Pastry Arts. The expertise of the institute is in the progressive culinary approach. The course aims to provide extensive and professional knowledge about hotel management. It also prepares the students for becoming business people or corporate employees in the industry after graduating. 

Programs offered by the IHM Pusa are:

1. B.Sc HHM (Bachelor of Science program in Hospitality and Hotel Management)

2. M.Sc HHM (Masters of Science program in Hospitality and Hotel Management)

3. Diploma courses in Bakery & Confectionary, And Food & Beverages Services. 

The institute has also been exposed to numerous chef training programs, among other things, on an international level.



BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology)

BHMCT is the most popular degree in hotel management. The duration of this professional degree is 4 years and the students can directly pursue it after the 12th class. This degree is offered by many renowned universities in India but the best Universities which offer this degree are:

1. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

2. Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute Of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

3. K.R. Mangalam University




Jamia Hamdard University’s name has HAMDARD added to it as a symbol of compassion for all people and a willingness to share their suffering. This university offers many scholarships and placement opportunities to the students who are eligible.

The top hotel management courses offered by the Jamia Hamdard University are:-

1. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

This is a 4-year full time degree.




The growth in top hotel management has created a buzz not only in India but also in the entire world. This institute has numerous campuses in many different locations all around the world. The UEI offers a diverse variety of courses in Hotel management of duration from 3 months to 4 years. The education system of this institute is up to date about the Hotel management industry and provides extensive knowledge on the topics which are and will be suitable in the future.

It has two campuses in Delhi, one in Rohini Delhi and the other one in Preet Vihar Delhi.

The courses offered by the UEI are:



Hotel Management,
International Specialization,
Culinary Specialization


Hotel management


International Management,
Tourism & Hotel Management

Certificate courses in Hotel & Hospitality

Foundation Certificate in
International Hospitality
Management (FCIHM),
Food Preparation (CFP),
Grand Certificate in International
Hospitality Management



Jamia Millia Islamia is a central institute that offers advanced education to students. This institute has been providing international education. Approximately 80-90% of the students get placements in the Jamia Millia Islamia University with good salary packages. Contrary to the perceptions of the people, Jamia Institute is diverse and rich in culture and provides education to all the communities and not just Islamic culture. This university has one of the best infrastructures with top-class facilities provided such as the air conditioned classrooms, experienced and professional faculty, projectors, sports grounds and a large, neat and clean library which has all the books that the students will need.

The Top Hotel Management Courses offered by the Jamia Millia Institute are:

1.  BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
2. BTTM (Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management)
3.  B.Voc. In Food Production



The Indian Hotel Academy is committed to making the future leaders of the entire top hotel management industry. This academy has received special recognition from the best top hotels in the country. The goals and aims of this academy are to provide quality education to the students who are willing to make a career in this industry and that is why they offer many specified courses in hotel management and catering, which are:-
1.  B.Voc. In Bakery and Cookery
2. B.Voc. In Hotel Management
3. Diploma in Food Production and Bakery
4. Diploma in Hotel Management
5. Diploma in Bar Operation
6. Industry Integrated Hotel Management Program 





The RIG Institute of Hotel Management is academically partnered with the American Hotels and Lodging Educational Institute, and that is why the education system and structure are in accordance with the international Hotel Management courses and careers. This makes its degrees and courses more unique and valuable for the future of the students. The RIG Institute also provides student exchange programs, for which it has agreements with HTMi Switzerland and Ulster University, UK.  This institute is especially recognized for its event management courses. If you have made up your mind that you want to pursue event management as a career, this institute is the best institute for you. It helps you start your journey in event management, polish your existing skills or change your career entirely to event management. This institute provides international education and in-depth knowledge in the career of event management. The top hotel management courses provided by the IIEM are:-
1.  BBA in Event Management 
2. MBA in Event Management
3. Diploma in Event Management
4. Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management




The RIG education Foundation operates and manages the entire RIG University. This university is situated in Greater Noida and the campus is spread over a large land in the grater Noida. 
The Top Hotel Management courses provided by the IHM RIG Institute are as follows:-
1. B.Sc. In Hospitality and Hotel Management 

2. Diploma in Food Production  

3. Diploma in Food & Beverage Services

4. Diploma in Bakery & Confectionary




SYMK is a private institute, and the main aim of this university is to offer the best education in the hospitality industry. The SYMK institute organizes workshops, seminars, guest lectures, campus recruitments, personality development programs, and industry visits for the students to help them make their future vision clear about their career choices. This institute focuses on holistic development with the help of theoretical and practical lectures. The SYMK Institute provides the best advanced and relevant training programs to prepare the students for working in the hotel industry in the future. 
The top hotel management courses that are offered by the SYMK Institute are:
1.  BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
2. Bachelor of Science B.Sc (Hotel Management)
3. Masters of Business administration (Hotel Management)
4. Master of Science M.Sc (Hotel Management)

These are all the top-tier universities that offer world class education and training of the top hotel management and prepare you for the future when you will be working in the finest hotels and resorts. These are all the courses and colleges that provide top-notch education in the industry of hotel management in Delhi. These courses will guide you to a successful career path and assist you in the placements process as well. We wish you all the luck in the world to achieve all your goals and dreams in life and pursue your career with the world class universities.

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