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Unlearn the conditioning that’s holding you back

It is essential for us to not hide our potential; many times because of conditioning, we shy away from showing our actual worth and potential, it is necessary to show true potential so that people can appreciate us and know what we are capable of. Working culture has a set of rules and regulations which we need to follow, it is necessary to be polite and professional. However, this environment can be intimidating for a lot of people; it is nice to be polite, but you must not be submissive and docile in your approach. If you feel confident about yourself, people will treat you differently. So, it is very essential to not misunderstand professionalism and politeness with submissiveness and passivity.

It is essential to take challenges and risks. Please do not question your worth and hold back. Be self-assured and allow yourself to bloom. If you feel that you’ve restricted yourself enough, it is time to take the lead. We have mentioned a few conditionings you need to unlearn immediately-

It is okay to be authoritative-

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It is time for you to take the lead which you always wanted to; it is essential to take the challenges that come your way. Do not always dwell upon if you would flourish or not, or whether your tasks or assignments would go as planned- it is not about conducting everything successfully, but about giving yourself the first push. Take authority of something you know you are good at. You know your skills and you are aware of what you have experience in; therefore, it is not wrong to let people know you are good at something and experienced enough to lead. Failure and success are a different factor, making a lead will give you immense confidence and allow you to be more assertive. You will gather new experiences, if your project does not go as planned, you will know better and be more aware of your mistakes. Everything gives you something to learn.

It is not a bad thing to know that your workload is evened out-

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Your work is not the only thing your life constitute of, you have your own personal life and your own interests and hobbies in conditioning. Thus, it is better to know that your workload is evened out, you don’t want to overburden yourself over the weekends or even during the working days and work for extra hours for nothing. You have many other things to look forward to, that’s why, it is essential to manage your work and refuse to work for extra hours. You must not overfill your plate, otherwise you neither would be able to work effectively nor would you be able to take time for other things. If you start taking everything silently, people would start to have unrealistic expectations from you and would also start taking you for granted. Therefore, it is good to be assertive about things in life.

Making suggestions is not overstepping-

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Making suggestions, or taking the initiative to help someone improve their work is not overstepping. As we mentioned above, it is essential to highlight your strengths and potentials from time to time. If you are taking the lead to help someone or making innovative suggestions, you are letting others know what you are capable of. Therefore, never confine yourself just to your desk, it is essential to rise above it. It also allows you develop a better rapport with your colleagues and employers, they trust you more and start respecting you. If you come up with innovative suggestions, your employers would be happy and contented with you- it is necessary to keep your suggestions in the forefront, it won’t always be considered, but you will learn to voice your valuable inputs.

Challenging a senior’s opinion is not undermining them-

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You do not have to be submissive and docile; therefore, learn to challenge anything which you do not agree with. Being compliant with everything your senior says is not a good thing, try to put forward your ideas and views to your seniors in a professional way. You need to let your individuality shine in your work place, you cannot curb that by blindly agreeing to everything that is being told to you. Disagreements are a part of a working culture, and you can voice your concerns and opinions without being disrespectful and sounding unprofessional.

Hiding your emotions does not make you better than the rest of the employees- conditioning-

You work for your yourself and not for anyone else, a work environment must never encourage you to hide your feelings and emotions. If something bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable in your work place, you need to take the responsibility to voice it. Passivity and compliance are not a good thing, it only restricts you. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to yourself in your workplace and allow your individuality to come out.  


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