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UPSC success story – Kanishak Kataria

Union Public Service Commission or UPSC is considered one of the most difficult exams in India. It is very difficult to clear it. Constant motivation is required to crack this complex exam. So to motivate all UPSC aspirants, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to tell a success story of a working professional who cracked UPSC.  It is a very inspirational story and will inspire you a lot. The story is about Kanishak Kataria who got AIR 1 in 2018 UPSC in his first attempt.

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Kanishak Kataria is a boy from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He was always good in studies. His favourite subject was Maths. Both his father and uncle were IAS officers and they were his inspiration. He always looked up to them and he wanted to work for his nation as well. Later, He in his life cracked JEE mains and advance and went to Mumbai. He got admission in IIT Mumbai. He completed his graduation in B. Tech in computer science from IIT Mumbai.

Working Life

He got a job in South Korea. So, He worked as a software engineer in South Korea for Samsung. He worked for a year there with a salary of around 1 crore. But money was not everything to him. He wanted to serve his country. Therefore he quit his job at Samsung and came to India. In India, he started working for a Bangalore based start-up and also prepared for UPSC.

Idea of UPSC

He joined coaching classes to help him crack UPSC. He started reading newspapers of 2 years prior so that he can get a good hold of current affairs and general knowledge. But, He always believed that hard work is the key. He always remained positive. He read various magazines to prepare him and also read news articles online. Also, He studied 13-14 hours a day. He did a lot of hard work to achieve his dream. He had Maths as an optional subject in UPSC so he gave his most of the time to Maths.

Social Life

His parents were always supportive to him. As the exams came close he became more serious towards his studies. He deactivated all his social media accounts 2 months before the exams. He deleted every social media app from his mobile phone and only used Instagram for a few minutes in a day. Only, He was active on his WhatsApp. He had groups with people with same kind of mentality and they discussed various types of questions and news on that group. Therefore he was only studying on his WhatsApp too.

For his prelims exam he solved multiple previous year questions and gave a lot of mock exams too. He was always optimistic towards his preparation but he never expected to score AIR 1. He was baffled when he saw his rank. It was a big deal to crack UPSC and score AIR 1 in their first attempt. He was very happy that now he can serve his company.


He addressed the fact that now his pay is around one-third of what he used to earn back then at Samsung in South Korea but he was not complaining and was rather happy now that he was before. Once, He said that he saw no future ahead of him whilst working in South Korea as a computer engineer. He gave credits to his father and uncle, who always have been his inspirations. Then, He thanked his parents, family and relatives who always believed in him and his career choice. He was always taught that you should always give credit to the person who deserves it.

His life

A credit which shook the whole internet was that he gave credit to his girlfriend for always being supportive and understanding. This was the first time someone appreciated their girlfriend in front of the world. Many millennials posted stories about them and how they are couple goals. Everyone gave him the respect that he openly talked about his relationship and his struggles in it. He has a long-term relationship with her. Now they both are working in different countries and they are having a long-distance relationship. But their love and care for each other is not less. He is now successful and an IAS office. He made everyone proud with his selflessness and his passion to do something for his country and his people. 

So it was the success story of Kanishak Kataria who quit his outstanding job with a salary of around 1 crore and came to India and cracked and scored AIR 1 in UPSC 2018 in his first attempt. His story is really motivational and can help other UPSC aspirants in a great way. Many working professionals have looked up to him and were inspired by them. Hope that you would learn something from his incredible story and try to apply some of his methods in your life too. Best of luck!!!

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