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We are all aware of the fact how excessively frustrating and time-consuming job hunting is for career. The inevitable rejection that follows with this process adds more to the misery. Of course, we need to be consistent and patient throughout this scary process. It is very much necessary to not lose hope and keep trying to search for a job that fits out best interests. What is necessary to remember is to not make job searching the entire and only goal of your day. Nothing must consume you in a negative way like that, and especially if something is as draining as job hunting.

You must try to focus on staying connected with the world around you. Do not isolate yourself completely into this task; it is important to be in touch with people around you and make time for things you like. We are not advising you to stop looking for jobs, of course that it necessary. But, remember to not lose your mind in the entire process. A break will not only lighten your mood, but will offer you more energy and alertness to do your task in a better way. If you are stressing too much about your job applications, please remember that it’s a pandemic going on and our economy is in shambles. This broken market situation has definitely led to a crisis, that’s why, don’t let this long process affect you.

Today, we are going to talk about the things you can do in between looking for your jobs. These breaks must not be neglected, they extremely important and necessary for your sanity, growth and ultimate success.

Gain new skills-

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We all know that there are plenty of things we want to learn, but we are so much consumed with things that we totally neglect our personal interests and hobbies. To be connected with our roots is extremely nourishing and self-fulfilling, activities that drives us actually keeps us sane and allows us to be creative and helps in building career. Now, different individuals have different preferences- some might be driven by art and culture, whereas some are extremely passionate about language and music, and for it could be sports and many more. There are wide range of things that might capture our interests and we have always wanted to explore these areas. Well, it is the perfect time to invest time on such recreational activities to stay connected to your roots, it will allow the constant flow on creative energy and will make you extremely happy. Indulge on these activities without any guilt. If you wanted to learn something new since a long time, you may want to consider learning that new skill. We all have a few things on our bucket lists that we want to learn and ace- it could be mastering a piano or a guitar, watercolor or pastel color painting and the options are countless. So, do not think even twice and start indulging on these activities.

Start a small business or freelance-


All of have a small online presence, we all have a group whom we engage with from time to time. Well, an online presence or a social media presence exposes us to so many people which allows to convey what we have to say to a lot of people. This also open a great opportunity for to be able to advertise ourselves or our businesses. It is fine if your number of followers is not very big, we all start with a few numbers and eventually grow. If you have a specific interest i.e. baking, cooking, designing, digital art, sketching and many more. You could start your own business true to your interests and skills. If you’re excellent at cooking, you can start your own catering business or if you’re knowledgeable about a specific things, you might start giving lessons about it online. There are diverse range of things we can because of the internet today. Starting a small business will not let your morale down because of a few job search rejections. You’ll have your own autonomy and your own business which you created based on your skills. It would be a big confidence booster and keeps you motivated and going. Therefore, you might want to keep exploring and finding ways to keep yourself going. If you take steps to improve your style of living, no external pressure can hamper your mental peace.

Reflect on your goals-

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It is always important to know about your next steps for your career. You can sit and start nothing down your interests and goals, you would want to start thinking about your future endeavors and how your job prospect would help you with your career planning. It is necessary to have a proper plan, therefore, reflect upon your goals and be next steps. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Take some time to have fun and do not over-burden yourself.

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