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When To Stop Holding Onto One-Sided Love

If you want to know when to stop holding on to one-sided love you are in the right place. Today I’ve come up with a very common topic that is searched by all the people from the entire world. That’s because most of us have faced this situation at some stage of life.

Something I Would Like To Share

One-sided love is always something which is always painful and it’s totally a person’s choice whether he or she wants to suffer or move on. But what we see often is that a person decides to hold on because somehow they expect for some miracle to happen. I’m not saying that miracles don’t happen but in most cases holding on becomes so pathetic.

So if you have already chosen to move on, then my dear friend, remember one thing, you are not selfish and you deserve peace.

So let people judge you, you don’t owe them anything.

Now, if you choose to hold back, but somehow confused regarding your decision then please do read this article till the end.

Let’s Get Started

Firstly, there are few practical things that you need to remember while holding onto a person you love one-sided.


A person definitely doesn’t deserve your love if you doubt before respecting them. If you love someone and you don’t respect them or they don’t respect you then it’s not gonna work for long term. So what matters the most in any bonding is respect. So what you need to do is to prioritise a bond by respect over love. And if a bond lacks respect in spite of having everything then it’s already over.

What Are The Intentions Of The Person?

The second thing is whether their intentions regarding you is not just about taking your advantage (even if they don’t know your feelings for them). If anyone takes you for granted then it’s already a dead end for that bond to flourish in future because people never realise your pain while themselves enjoying their lives a bit more by taking you for granted.

How Is The Temperament Of The Person?

Next thing is the nature of the person you love one-sided. I’m not trying to judge anyone, everyone has flaws. But if they are more into themselves and would not even think once before causing harm to someone just for the sake of their personal fun ways then definitely stay away from them.

Do They Make You Feel Guilty?

Fourth thing is that they often tend to turn the plots and always make you apologize for something that you never did (or rather it was completely their mistake that you got blamed for). This is a sign that they are taking advantage of your kindness or weakness towards them. Always try to stay away from such people because they can always land you up in various troubles. If you have one-sided love on someone, ask yourself this question.

Are They Arrogant?

Fifth thing is that they cannot stand by someone else’s talent and often tend to compare in order to show that they are the best. These people are dangerous. If you have one-sided love on someone, ask yourself this question.

Do They Make You Feel Worthless?

Last but not the least, they make you feel like you are nothing without them. They make you totally lose your self-confidence and just manipulate you accordingly. If you have one-sided love on someone, ask yourself this question.


Hold onto someone only when you feel that they are not toxic for you. We always tend to expect a lot from people we love even if we decide to be happy with it being one-sided love. But do you really think that someone who always ruins your mental peace actually deserves your love and efforts?

I’m not against one sided love but what I believe is that we should only respect and love those who deserve to get it.

Now if you think that the above-mentioned traits are there within the person you love then it’s already time for you to move on. Stop holding onto join something when your own hands are bleeding.

Remember This Harsh Truth

The day you stop sympathizing your state of condition is the day you start fixing the broken parts of your life.

I hope this article helps you identify and decide whether to hold on or not. During one-sided love, you are already making a decision which is a compromise and will lead to pain, so please don’t let yourself land up into depression when you find toxic traits within someone you love. People never change so stop expecting them to change. Rather accept the truth, it may hurt initially but won’t snatch away the stairs when you fall off from a certain height.

But if you choose to stay in spite of knowing that they are toxic for you then the problem lies in you and you are the one who should be blamed. So never do something to harm yourself intentionally. Our lives are beautiful, it’s us who make it horrible by choosing the wrong tracks. So once you stop holding onto such paths, you will find sunshine or become your own sunshine again. Having one-sided love on someone is not a wrong thing, but what matters is that you love the right person.

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