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Why a student should go to College

Every student Dream to study in college after the completion of school. Every time students study in school, parents and your elder siblings tell you that college life is something which everyone should experience. Now the question is raised: why should students go to college? What is the reason behind it? This Article clears your Doubts related to why students should go to college. So what are we waiting for, let’s begin?

For higher education

Higher Education has become a basic need nowadays. The world in which we are living in a world of competition. Whenever any government and private organization opens a vacancy, candidates are double then the vacancy opened. Every time when there are more vacancies than vacancies open, the organization hires a candidate who has more experience and Qualifications. At this time those who don’t have a college degree are directly rejected in front of those who have. Apart from this, there are so many jobs for which only more qualified candidates are eligible.

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For exposure

During our school, we all are covered under the shade of our teachers and parents. From our homework to assignments, to model making everything we do, we take help from others. We are not able to understand the concept and the depth of any issue. But the day we entered college we started becoming dependent on ourselves. From assignments to society’s work we do all work by our self. We became independent and responsible. This exposure is very important for any student to live their life independently.

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To understand world

College taught us all the rules of the world. Sometimes you face helpful people in college, few are those who do backbiting all the time. Lots of people just do politics and try to down others. The college has all kinds of people who give you experience in your entire life. The one who understands all the concepts of college, will inbuilt the quality to face any kind of situation.

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For better opportunity

College gives us many opportunities. Like so many students get a chance to visit many places in India and out of India as well. Gives us a Chance of training, internship, and job as well. Give us the opportunity to work on many projects. Gives us a chance to win so many respects and prizes through different programs and competitions.

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To make friends

During our school, no matter which class we are studying in, we don’t behave maturely. We all have childish natures. But in college we all get mature we know who is real and who is fake. Who is just pretends to be good and who is good exactly. This is the stage of life where we made friends and they always be with us. Not just a friend, college gives us so many friends, in fact, they became gang members.

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To get goal

The one who just completed the school can network in the world of jobs. Experience, knowledge, and qualification everything are needed. So college helps us to give everything and prepare us for the field and jobs. From exposure to a degree, from knowledge to experience, everything helps us to achieve our goal.

So, this is all about college life and why college is important for students. Don’t be so fast, first Complete your college life after that start growing.



College is compulsory to do Great

A college is an educational institution that awards degrees to students. After completing school students look forward to continuing their further studies in college. A college is a place that offers many courses out of which students can make his/ her own choice. There exist many colleges that specialize only in one field such as IIT and IIM offering courses in the field of science and management basically. Many colleges offer mixed courses such as St. Xavier’s Mumbai.

It is very important to attain education from college because college studies open wide horizons of knowledge in the life of students. They get to know much more about life and students who graduate and postgraduate from college are offered greater and better job opportunities than those who do not seek college studies. Many students may resist college education because of the ever-increasing expenditure on attaining knowledge at a higher level but still, it holds its importance in terms of earning potential that it offers to students after they complete their degree.

Transform the world- Education helps you transform yourself and the world around you. Whenever you gain new knowledge you share it with friends and family, thus, more information sharing among the population improves society and makes people aware of what is happening around the world. Thus, attaining education help you to transform the world ion to a better place to live in.

By: Geetu Katyal

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