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Why you should give time to your parents

If you want to know why you should give time to your parents, you are in the right place. We all want a life where we have a loving family, some caring friends and a supportive partner. Thinking like this isn’t abnormal because at the end of the day we all want to get back home to find peace and love from the close ones. But have you ever thought it the other way? Have you ever thought how difficult it is for them to give you all kinds of efforts knowing that you won’t return even one per cent of emotional effort from your side?

When it comes to blaming parents for something they did or something they didn’t, then we basically are the first one to fight with them. But when it comes to identifying our own flaws, we tend to overlook them and consider that as normal. Just like the same way, when it comes to giving time to our parents, we overlook this matter and tend to think that this is not a serious issue. But let me tell you that it is a serious issue but as we take our parents for granted, we tend to take these things casually. And when we have a fight with our close friends or partners, only then we feel getting close to our parents. And that’s how we take their advantage emotionally, thereby hurting them more. So you see, the problem lies in us and as we take this so casually we don’t realise the significance and importance of treating parents in a better way.

So if you care about your parents and want to improve yourself in order to treat them right then do read this article till the end because today in this article I’ll tell you why it is important to give time to your parents.

Psychological problems

We all are educated enough to know that psychological issues affect our mental health and we all have faced such issues. But have you ever thought that if you have so intense psychological problems then just think about your parent’s mental state? Though I’m not comparing anyone’s state of mental conditions on the basis of age all I want to say is that they have a lot more mental health issues than us but tend to neglect them because they know that no one has time for them. Be it family-related pressure, child-related pressure, job pressure, personal life pressure or anything. As a result, they have depression and anxieties. Not only that, they may even develop severe mental health conditions which may worsen if not taken proper care.

Parent’s expectations

They only expect some emotional attachment from your side and completing your studies properly (well, they ask you to study for your own benefits, so that you have a secured life). See, we all are human beings and at one point in time, we need privacy. But it’s not like you will spend time with your favourite friends or partner and the moment you reach home you need privacy. Why? Don’t your parents deserve some good quality time with you? Why would you always come to them at the end of the day just for asking for help? And why not giving them some more time? Isn’t it your duty to keep your parents happy? So you see, they are not expecting a lot, instead it’s you who is reacting a lot when they ask for very little efforts from your side.

What exactly happens when you start giving time to your parents?

After facing a lot of troubles when they finally reach home, they are already exhausted. After all this, they have to tolerate family issues and keep their responsibilities of daily life. So when they see that you are there to give them time, sit with them and talk, or help them in a few households, or blame them less, they already feel happy for that. They then forget all of their problems when they see their child being responsible. In spite of being in depression, and having a lot of stress they will feel blessed to have a child-like you and will not be insecure again because they will start gaining faith in you.


One thing that you should always remember in life is that you shouldn’t be selfish enough to just think about yourself. Happiness doesn’t come when you only think about yourself, instead, it comes when you think about the happiness of your closed ones too. Watching others happy because of something you did will give you much more pleasure than enjoying yourself alone. And trust me, the best thing on earth is doing good to your parents. They are the best support you will ever get in life. So you should always try to keep them happy and never hurt them intentionally.

Hope this article made you realize where you exactly go wrong. Thank you.

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