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Work from Home (WFH) in Corona Times

To reduce the expanse of COVID-19, first schools and malls were shut down across the country, and then many companies started implementing voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies where possible. Amid the new coronavirus pandemic, the employer will have to be moved to work from home (WFH) status sooner or later. Even if you’ve done it before, working from home because of coronavirus might feel like a whole new world, a real, unique, unusual sudden challenge. And with the coronagraph going upwards, work from home might be for an extended period and with no surety as to how long it’ll last. So if you are dealing with the situation for the first time, here’s how to master it. These tips will help you surely make you successful, both at getting your work done and at maintaining your mental well-being:


Dress up even during Work From Home(WFH)

It might seem unreasonable, but it’s a crucial one. It is intriguing to stay in pajamas all day, but studies have shown that it leads you to be less productive overall. Dressing up mentally prepares you to wake up and get things done. It makes you feel confident and helps draw the line between being at work and being at home.

Moreover, just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that no one will see you. It’s 2020, and we’re all about to have a lot of video meetings.

Arrange a workplace for yourself

One of the significant challenges of working remotely is establishing a workplace conducive for WFH. With a designated physical workspace at home, it will separate you from your home disturbances as possible. Make your workspace healthy with a chair you can sit in long hours, an area with good lighting so that your workspace excites you at the beginning of the day, and you get down to work. Vice versa, leaving your workspace will also help you turn “off” at the end of the day and fully disengage. Thus it is imperative to keep your work separate from your home life in WFH.

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Plan your Working Hours

It is necessary to establish and separate your physical workspace; it is equally important to know about working your working hours.  The most noticeable variation between working from home and working in the office is that you are in total charge of your environment and have to treat yourself like an employee. This means holding yourself accountable and recognizing when enough is enough. And realize it’s time to put work away, recharge, and start tomorrow with a fresh mind. Having a separate time and space to work will allow you to be more present in your home life.

Don’t Get Too Sucked in by the News—or Other Distractions

Distraction is another challenge faced by people who work from home—especially people who aren’t used to it. It’s human to get distracted. But you need to be cautious of how much you let yourself get diverted. You should take a few breaks but using that time to relax, having meals, or doing something productive is OK, but try not to get overthrown by social media, online gaming, or News because it’s your home and everything is easily accessible to you. Right now, one of the most significant distractions in the News. Checking in on COVID-19 to stay informed is right, of course, but too much of it can lead to an anxious mess.

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Communicate and spend time with your loved ones

Out of all the bad things happening since corona came into our lives, One good thing that happened during the lockdown was that we really got to spend time with our loved one. The bumps in the relationships can be cleared through communication, especially during these difficult times. The same applies to anyone you usually work collaboratively with throughout the day. You can also check in with your boss, coworkers over the phone, or through video chat. This will cut down on miscommunication and break up some of the social isolation from working from home.

Don’t Forget to Socialize

In working from home, you’re cutting off a lot of the casual social interactions you’re used to having throughout the day that helps you feel less lonely and break up the monotony of work. Battle this by talking with your coworkers, friends, and relatives throughout the day through calls, text, Zoom, etc. These little interactions go a long way.

working from home

Learn technology

Learn to use the latest technology available for a Work From Home. You can use these social media platforms at this time to connect with your distant friends, relatives that you have been putting on hold because of time constraints. You can also teach your parents or your siblings about the basic technologies that may prove to be helpful to them.

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