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Tag: covid-19 impact on studies

Nov 01
Impact Of COVID On Education

Impact Of COVID On Education There is no doubt that COVID-19 has an impact on education, which is both- negative as well as positive. The education disruption has had and will proceed to have, extraordinary outcomes beyond education. Closings of educative organizations impede the requirement of fundamental assistance to kids and associations, including admittance to a nutritious […]

Nov 01
Impact Of Online Education In Current Situation

Online education has earned tremendous fame amongst operating experts and learners seeking higher education. These sections of online apprentices find tremendous profits in the independence and versatility that these programs allow. Online courses can be designed around their program which may involve full-time professions, internships, and considering for the family. Online learning can also assist them to take […]

Sep 23
Pandemic and its affect on student mental health

The pandemic has taken a toll on almost every individual’s life. The unavailability of any proper social and economic guidance has made a lot of people naive about their futuristic goals. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the students have been in a disarray to find a balance between their personal and educational needs. […]

Sep 12
Education in the time of the pandemic

As per the reports of the UNESCO, over 1.3 billion students have been affected during this pandemic. Even though schools and institutions are trying to balance and adjust the academics part through onlineclasses, the students are still trampling to move ahead with the ‘new’ normal. Even though students are bearing this feeling of uncertainty in […]

Aug 27
Things to know about Delhi University (DU) assessments in COVID

COVID 19 has taken a toll on everyone’s life. It has disrupted our routine and school/college students are largely impacted by this. The examination, assessment dates have been changed. There is a lot of uncertainty around how it will work out in the foreseeable future. Delhi University (DU) is home to more than 10,000 students. […]

Aug 17
How COVID-19 impacted on students studies

COVID-19 has troubled each and every soul on this planet and its impacts on students’ studies. But it has caused a huge upheaval in student’s education. It has vastly and negatively impacted student’s education, created a huge around of panic across the world for teachers and students. Students were abruptly stopped from giving their board […]