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Tag: exam stress

Mar 24
8 Ways Parents Can Help Children Deal with Exam Stress

Exams for 10th class are a challenging time for most children. There’s a lot of pressure to do well, and most kids are very aware that the results of their tests can have a significant impact on their futures. Exam stress is very common, and many youngsters underperform or even make themselves ill because they […]

Oct 13
Exam Stress and How to deal with it?

We cannot deny that there is always a certain amount of pressure on students to perform well in exams. The steep or unrealistic expectations of family, friends, and relatives can be overwhelming and affect students’ mental health, adding unnecessary mental pressure. It is natural to be a bit bothered about exams, especially if you’re under […]

Oct 01
Exam stress and anxiety among students

This article discusses the various causes and effects of exam stress among students. It also gives solutions and tips for preparing for exams and keep stress away. Test anxiety is more than feeling somewhat anxious before a test. For understudies who battle with test tension, a touch of pre-test anxiety transforms into incapacitating sentiments of stress, fear, and dread, which can contrarily affect execution. Understudies can battle with test tension at any age. The awareness regarding exams and the stress they bring along with them must be spread among as many…