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Tag: fashion designing

Mar 10
diploma in fashion tech after class 10

In this article, we will look into some of the career prospects a diploma in fashion tech which you can take after class 10th. DIPLOMA IN FASHION TECH AFTER CLASS 10TH. Diploma in Fashion Technology is a lucrative job that requires apt knowledge of modern society and its trends. There is a huge demand for people […]

Jul 16

Fashion and clothing are one of the most popular and followed industries worldwide. As now you can make a career in this profession, many youngsters are attracted towards this field to secure their professional career. The first step towards pursuing your career is to apply for the best institute and get the best practical knowledge. […]

Oct 23
How to become a fashion designer in India

How to become a fashion designer in india A fashion career is called fashion designing. It is an art of designing or trying new things or making beauty more attractive to clothes. Fashion designers are imaginative, creative, and dedicated people who know and therefore are aware of the requirements of the fashion industry.  This need […]

Oct 23
How to become Fashion Blogger in India

The increase of fashion consciousness in the nation is a constant need for fashion bloggers. A fashion blogger is required for a long career in the fashion blogging industry to be updated and styled. A fashion blogger also writes blogs on trends and common themes with spectacular graphics and attractive content. A fashion blogger has […]

Sep 21
Things to know about Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is one of the most popular fields among students who are creative and are looking for a similar course that suits them. Read the full article to know more about fashion designing. What is Fashion Designing? Fashion Designing covers a wide spectrum of fabrics, styles, patterns, colors, and trends that define the fashion […]

Aug 26
Tips for fashion designer

Well this quote suggests that dressing and style is not only a way to look elegant but it's a way to boost your inner prestige and confidence too. And those there is a lot of responsibility on our fashion designers to fulfill these requirements to the greatest extent. Some of the tips are shared below for our aspiring talent:This skill is basic and essential and a fashion designer must never lose sight of your customers' profile.  • Know how much your customers spend, • What their lifestyles are, • Where they…