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Oct 27
6 Impacts of Covid-19 on Indian Economy

Introduction The episode of Coronavirus illness 2019 (COVID-19), first distinguished…

Oct 27
8 Impacts of Covid-19 on education

Most of the information gathered on the number of understudies and students affected…

Oct 13
All about substance abuse in India

The pestilence of substance maltreatment in a youthful age has accepted disturbing…

Oct 03
Social Media And Suicide Among Teenagers

Web-based media and self-destruction is a generally new marvel, which concerns online…

Oct 03
Social Media And Student Life

This article is about the use of social media among students. It discusses the various…

Oct 01
Exam stress and anxiety among students

This article discusses the various causes and effects of exam stress among students.…

Sep 21
Peer pressure and student life

this article discusses what peer pressure is and it affects a student's life. As…

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